Ultrasonic Cleaners

Selecting an Ultrasonic Cleaner

When selecting an ultrasonic cleaner for your home or company, choosing the right equipment among seemingly endless product offerings can be challenging and time consuming. 

The scientists at iUltrasonic are ready to help you in the selection process.  And as further assistance, we offer a range of equipment from manufacturers who have passed our stringent guidelines in terms of product quality, variety, and performance guarantees. We continue to evaluate products of other manufacturers in ongoing efforts to expand our offerings.

We're able to do this because we are true experts in the field of ultrasonic cleaning.  iUltrasonic was founded and is operated by people who have deep expertise, backed by PhDs with more than 30 years combined experience in the industry.

It is all part of our goal to offer exceptional service and after-the-sale technical support to our growing list of customers.  Find out more about iUltrasonic and how we do business

Ultrasonic Cleaner Applications 

How will you use your equipment?  An ultrasonic cleaner is used for more than "cleaning."

Ultrasonic energy is employed for cleaning products that can be safely wetted in biodegradable aqueous cleaning solutions and, in laboratories, for solvent degassing, sample prep, emulsifying and dissolving difficult samples, performing chemical extraction and, yes, cleaning lab equipment.

In the broadest sense these units can be classified as benchtop and industrial ultrasonic cleaners.  But like everything else in this world, there are exceptions.  Some benchtop units are designed for industrial applications. 

Simply differentiated, benchtop ultrasonic cleaner models sit on a bench or table.  In general, cleaning solution capacities top out at 10 gallons.    

Industrial ultrasonic cleaners, while available in benchtop configurations, are commonly identified as floor mounted units with capacities to 60 or more gallons.

Do you Need an Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner?   

Industrial ultrasonic cleaners, regardless of their cleaning solution capacity, are designed for continuous operation during, for example, an 8-hour work shift.  For more on this please take the time to review tips on selecting an industrial ultrasonic cleaner on our sister company's website.

Resources for Selecting and Using your Ultrasonic Cleaner

We put our knowledge to work by providing resources helping you understand what goes into a decision, then decide what ultrasonic cleaner best fits your particular requirements.  Here are three examples of this:

Ultrasonic Cleaner Kits for Specialized Applications

Repetitive and specialized ultrasonic cleaning jobs often can be satisfied by ultrasonic cleaner kits.  These contain equipment, cleaning solutions and instructions you need to accomplish your tasks efficiently.

Here are three ultrasonic cleaning kits offered by iUltrasonic.

Browse our complete list of ultrasonic cleaning kits.

Selecting Ultrasonic Cleaner Accessories

When you consider the purchase of a new car, the salesperson will point out various accessory options "that will make your driving experience more enjoyable."

When you consider selecting an ultrasonic cleaner, your decision on accessories will make your cleaning operations more productive.

In addition to the cleaner itself, basic requirements for an ultrasonic cleaning cycle include a cleaning basket and lid.  These may or may not be part of the standard offerings. 

Our advice is to carefully read complete product offerings provided by the manufacturers represented by iUltrasonic on this website, listed below.

Accessories not included should be selected based on your ultrasonic cleaning requirements, whether it be cleaning products or preparing lab samples.

We invite you to view our ultrasonic cleaner accessories to browse the variety of options we offer to handle virtually any requirement you have involving the use of ultrasonic energy.  

A Snapshot of Brands We Offer

As noted earlier on this page, iUltrasonic offers a range of ultrasonic cleaning equipment from manufacturers meeting our stringent guidelines.

Crest Ultrasonic Cleaners

Crest Ultrasonics places customer service and quality at the forefront of its business. With branches worldwide, Crest Ultrasonics is able to commit to their clients' part replacement and service within the next business day. The global reach of Crest Ultrasonics puts it in the unique position to benefit from worldwide technological research.

Browse Crest Ultrasonic Cleaners

Elmasonic Ultrasonic Cleaners

Elmasonic Ultrasonic develops products that exceed both the practical and the aesthetic needs of their customer.  Elma began as a small watch cleaner, introducing ultrasonic technology to the watch industry in the 60s. Today the company is a clear innovator with global operations serving the broader ultrasonic cleaner industry.

Browse Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners

L&R Ultrasonic Cleaners

L & R manufacturing's Quality Assurance Program places each of their ultrasonic cleaners through a series of rigorous tests ensuring that they meet or surpass the company's manufacturing requirements. It strives to pair the technological advances learned globally with an emphasis on maintaining a personal connection with their clients.

Browse L&R Manufacturing Ultrasonic Cleaners

Sharpertek Ultrasonic Cleaners

Sharpertek Ultrasonic develops, engineers and prices their ultrasonic cleaners to meet customers' needs.  The company's products are multifunctional, designed to efficiently remove both deep and minor residues from any piece of equipment.  L&R serves a large range of industries, meeting customer satisfaction with durable, quality, value-laden products.

Browse Sharpertek Ultrasonic Cleaners

Need more help on selecting your ultrasonic cleaner?

Please call us or chat with us for unbiased recommendations on selecting the right equipment, cleaning solution formulation and accessories that satisfy your unique requirements.