Ultrasonic Cleaners

How to Select an Ultrasonic Cleaner

The scientists at iUltrasonic invite you read these suggestions on selecting an ultrasonic cleaner before you check the many options we offer.  

To begin, ultrasonic energy has been employed as a cleaning method since the middle of the 20th century.  Ultrasonic cleaners are recognized as one of the quickest, safest and most thorough methods to remove contaminants from any object that can be immersed in an aqueous cleaning solution. 

Examples of the many ways ultrasonic energy is put to work can be found in the blog posts found on our website.

Basic Considerations to Select an Ultrasonic Cleaner

In the broadest sense these units can be classified as benchtop or industrial ultrasonic cleaners.  But like everything else in this world, there are exceptions.  In this case some benchtop units are designed for industrial applications. 

Simply differentiated, benchtop ultrasonic cleaner models sit on a bench or table.  In general, cleaning solution capacities top out at 10 gallons.    

Industrial ultrasonic cleaners, while available in benchtop configurations, are commonly identified as floor mounted units with capacities to 60 or more gallons.

Do you Need an Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner?   

Here's the thing:  Industrial ultrasonic cleaners, regardless of their cleaning solution capacity, are designed for continuous operation during, for example, an 8-hour work shift. 

Resources on Selecting and Using your Ultrasonic Cleaner

The scientists at iUltrasonic put their knowledge to work to further help you to decide what ultrasonic cleaner best fits your particular requirements.  You'll find it in tips on how to select and use your new unit. 

Another critical point:  Different cleaning challenges call for different cleaning solution formulations. The challenges apply to contaminants being removed and what is being cleaned.  We strongly suggest taking a look at our post on selecting the best ultrasonic cleaning solution.

Helpful Accessories for Ultrasonic Cleaners

When you consider the purchase of a new car, the salesperson will point out various accessory options that "will make your driving experience more enjoyable."

When you consider the purchase of an ultrasonic cleaner, your decision on accessories will make your cleaning operations more productive.

In addition to the cleaner itself, basic requirements for an ultrasonic cleaning cycle include a cleaning basket and lid.  These may or may not be part of the standard offerings. 

Our advice is to carefully read product descriptions provided by the manufacturers represented by iUltrasonic on this website.

Additional accessories should be selected based on your ultrasonic cleaner operations, whether it be cleaning products or preparing lab samples.

We invite you to view our accessories pages to view the variety of options we offer to handle virtually any requirement you have involving the use of ultrasonic energy.  

Please call us for unbiased recommendations on selecting the right equipment, cleaning solution formulation and accessories that satisfy your unique requirements.