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A web search for ultrasonic cleaner manufacturers yields a baffling harvest of results, many of which are brand oriented.

We separate the wheat from the chaff to help you meet your specific ultrasonic equipment requirements, whether for cleaning products or for preparing samples in the lab.

Our staff of ultrasonic cleaning professionals invests substantial effort to identify and assemble the finest ultrasonic cleaning equipment and cleaning solution formulations from world-recognized manufacturers.

That’s because the correct ultrasonic cleaning equipment, the proper ultrasonic cleaning solution chemistry and ultrasonic cleaning procedures are keys to your success wherever surface cleanliness is critical. Put your confidence on the scientists at iUltrasonic to help you make important decisions.

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We’ve been in business for 36 years and a key component of our maintenance program is an Elma E60H ultrasonic cleaner we purchased through iUltrasonic.”

Gerry Fleming, All Star Liveaboard

iUltrasonic provides our ultrasonic cleaning units and solvents. They are far superior to manual cleaning process."

Scott Pottebaum, Elliott Aviation

Using ultrasonic cleaners such as the X-tra Basic from iUltrasonic saves cleaning time. The ultrasonic cleaner does the job in about 30 minutes – a task that could take hours if done manually.”

Roger Wheeler, PAM Injection Molding