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Powersonic P500D-45 (CP500D) Crest Ultrasonic Cleaner

Variable Power, Degas

  • Length:
    11.75 in.
  • Width:
    6.00 in.
  • Depth:
    6.00 in.
  • Volume:
    1.50 gal.

- Excellent cleaning performance
- Ideal size for wide range of small parts
- Adjustable ultrasonic power for strong or gentle cleaning
- Consistent cleaning with Sweep function
- Heater from ambient to 80°C, timer to 99 minutes or continuous


Product Details

Digitally Controlled Ultrasonic Cleaner

Heater: Thermostatically adjustable heater.

Benefit: Improves cleaning effectiveness; required for removal of grease and oil.

Sweep frequency: Continuous slight variation of ultrasonic frequency to eliminate hot spots, dead zones, and standing waves. 

Benefit: Provides uniform and thorough cleaning.  Prevents damage to electronic components.

Degas Mode: Intermittent operation of ultrasonic power for rapid removal of entrained air from liquids.

Benefit: Since cleaning does not start until air isremoved from cleaning fluid,this mode speeds up air removal and gets cleaning started faster. Also degasses solvents.

Digital display: Displays operating parameters.

Benefit: Enables quick and easy monitoring of process status and resetting of precise operating conditions.

Adjustable power: Ultrasonic power can be manually adjusted. 

Benefit:  You can set the right power intensity for the specific cleaning task, from gentle to strong.

Crest Powersonic P500D-45 (CP500D) ultrasonic parts cleaners solve a broad range of cleaning challenges both in the public and private sectors by replacing inefficient and ineffective manual cleaning operations. Examples include cleaning and maintaining firearms, handcuffs and other law enforcement agency equipment, cleaning self-contained breathing apparatus used by fire departments and underwater rescue responders or cleaning medical and surgical equipment prior to disinfecting or sterilizing.

Indeed the list of products that can be safely immersed in ultrasonic parts cleaners is virtually endless. These ultra sonic cleaners from make it easy to set up an effective cleaning process regardless of your cleaning requirements.

Programming digital ultrasonic parts cleaners

Factors contributing to the efficiency of ultrasonic parts cleaners include cleaning solution formulations, cleaning time, cleaning temperature and cleaning power. Also important is a continuous sweep mode for uniform distribution of cavitation action in the cleaning solution. Finally, a degas function saves you time by rapidly removing entrained air from new cleaning solutions prior to actually cleaning the parts.

Aside from selecting the correct ultrasonic cleaning solution, the digital control panel on CP500D ultrasonic parts cleaners puts you in charge of programming the entire cleaning cycle. As you become more proficient you’ll soon develop routines for various cleaning tasks.

More Crest Powersonic P500D-45 (CP500D) ultrasonic parts cleaners features and benefits

  • Cavitation-resistant stainless steel tank for a long service life
  • Stainless steel enclosure resist spills and will not crack
  • Rugged 45 kHz ceramically enhanced industrial transducers
  • 120 watts average sonic power provides efficient ultrasonic cleaning
  • 2-year warranty, lifetime heater warranty
  • Comes with tank and cover; optional accessories include basket and auxiliary pan

Questions? Contact the ultrasonic cleaning experts at iUltrasonic.

We’ll help you select the right sized ultrasonic cleaner, the correct biodegradable cleaning solution concentrates and cleaning procedures to get the highest productivity possible from your ultrasonic cleaner investment.


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