It's hard to argue that ultrasonic cleaning is widely used for fast, efficient removal of contaminants from virtually any surface of products that can be safely immersed in an aqueous cleaning solution. There are also ultrasonic cleaners designed for use with non-aqueous solvents that are flammable, often used for medical and surgical instruments, precision optics and surgical implants.

Here we'll help you answer a concern folks often have - that is…

Picking the Best Ultrasonic Cleaner

The old adage "the right tool for the right job" certainly applies to picking the best ultrasonic cleaner. If you've done a search on the topic you'll know that there is a seemingly endless selection of manufacturers, configurations, cleaning tank capacities and dimensions not to mention operating features.

The latter can range from an on-off switch to sophisticated microprocessor controls for cleaning time, cleaning solution temperature, ultrasonic frequency, and ultrasonic power. Cleaning features such as pulse, sweep, degassing and agitation add to points to consider when you pick the best ultrasonic cleaner for your needs.

You'll get a better understanding of these and other features to be considered by studying our post on selecting and using an ultrasonic cleaner.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Comparisons

Ultrasonic Cleaner Manufacturers

iUltrasonic offers a selection of 70 ultrasonic cleaners from 4 key equipment manufacturers. We start with two basic selection considerations: cleaning tank volume and tank length. But before getting into a description of these manufacturers' offerings keep in mind that picking the best ultrasonic cleaner is but part of the overall picture.

Regardless of the equipment used the proper ultrasonic cleaning solution chemistry must be used. We offer suggestions on this critical topic in our ultrasonic cleaning solution tutorial post.

Through the website you’ll be able to search, compare and contrast equipment that is practice proven across the spectrum of ultrasonic cleaning and sample preparation. But as always we're ready to discuss person-to-person your cleaning requirements and recommend what we believe to be the answer in terms of ultrasonic cleaning units, ultrasonic cleaning procedures and cleaning solution chemistry.

Branson Ultrasonic Cleaners

With its U.S. base in Branford, CT, and a 60-year history in advanced ultrasonics and applications, Branson is now a part of the Emerson family of companies. Branson features its latest line of CPXH/CPX digital series Bransonic ultrasonic baths with self-adaptive technology boasting industry-leading cleaning quality, with more precision over power and energy.

The Bransonic CPX Series 40 kHz ultrasonic baths offers digital power-tracking capabilities to adjust for light or heavy loads. The high/low power control adjusts acoustic energy to 100% for normal to heavy loads, or a lower 70% for lighter and more delicate applications To help save energy the automatic "sleep" mode engages to shut off the unit if control keys are not touched within 15 minutes of the end of a fully programmable cleaning cycle.

A degassing period of up to 99 minutes lets users carry out applications beyond cleaning, such as sample preparation. The automatic sweep mode assures uniform cleaning to avoid hot spots, dead zones and potentially damaging harmonic vibration. As another safety feature, there is a high-temperature visual alarm and automatic shut-off. Temperature settings to 69⁰C (156.2⁰F) allow users to match cleaning temperatures recommended by solution manufacturers.

Crest Ultrasonic Cleaners

Based in Trenton NJ, and in business since 1961 this company, part of the Crest Group, identifies itself as the ultrasonic industry's largest privately held company. It has operations in 15 countries in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In addition to manufacturing ultrasonic cleaners other businesses the organization engages in are ultrasonic welding and joining equipment. Crest backs its products with repairs and servicing .

Benchtop Crest cleaners units offered on the iUltrasonic website boast important features designed to provide fast and thorough cleaning results. Depending on the model, features can include:

  • Digital microprocessor controls
  • A Sweep mode that varies the operating frequency ± 3 kHz thus avoiding potentially damaging hot spots and harmonics along with dead zones with low or no cleaning action
  • A Normal mode selected for laboratory sample prep
  • A Degas mode to quickly drive off trapped air in fresh solutions and for sample prep
  • Adjustable power allowing users to tailor the cleaning cycle to the task at hand
  • A lid to reduce cleaning solution evaporation and noise

Take the time to check out the specs of the Crest ultrasonic cleaner models on our website and compare them to your cleaning requirements. If there are questions you are welcome to contact us for help in making your decision.

Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners

Established in Germany in 1948 originally for the production of precision machinery to serve watch makers Elma now operates as a worldwide organization producing and servicing ultrasonic cleaning equipment, cleaning technologies and environmentally friendly cleaning solution chemicals. Elma products offered by iUltrasonic find wide applications for

  • mixing, dissolving and dispersing samples
  • watch cleaning
  • PCB manufacturing and repair
  • precision optics, cleaning delicate glassware and jewelry
  • automotive, aircraft and marine engine manufacturing and servicing
  • cleaning plastic injection molds
  • other heavy industrial equipment applications.

Quality is the top priority at Elma. All Elmasonic units have stainless steel cases that are both robust and easily cleaned. A wide range of accessories are available to meet specialized applications.

Depending on the models, Elma offers operating functions include

  • sweep to even out ultrasonic cleaning energy
  • normal for processing laboratory samples
  • degas to quickly remove cavitation-inhibiting trapped air from fresh cleaning solutions
  • pulse - a burst of added ultrasonic energy to blast away stubborn contaminants
  • variable temperature, power and dual frequencies to customize cleaning cycles
  • agitation for an up to 20% increase in cleaning speed

With these features users can select their ultrasonic cleaning systems to precisely meet their particular requirements. Large scale users of Elma ultrasonic equipment can also select rinsing and drying stations to increase throughput and efficiency.

Learn about the choices and specifications for the broad range of Elma ultrasonic cleaners for the home, the hobbyist, for large and small business and industrial applications – all available from iUltrasonic. Call us at 973 440-2191 to answer your questions and recommend Elma products and cleaning solution formulation that meet your exacting requirements.

L&R Ultrasonic Cleaners

With its 85 year history and a global provider with a New Jersey base, L&R Ultrasonics has a reputation for quality and commitment since the earliest days of ultrasonic cleaning technology. The company is particularly recognized for its focus on dental/medical, industrial, firearm, jewelry, timepieces, industrial maintenance and SCBA/rescue/industrial safety.

L&R subjects its ultrasonic cleaners to a comprehensive 14-step quality inspection procedure before released to the marketplace as part of a quality control program that assures they pass the company's stringent requirements.

The L&R ultrasonic cleaners proudly offered by iUltrasonic are available in 7 solution capacities from .25 to 6.5 gallons and operate at 43 kHz to provide superior strength cleaning and fast, efficient sample preparation – performance that becomes evident as soon as the equipment is activated.

Compact and ideally suited for countertop use L&R Quantrex ultrasonic cleaners are constructed with a vinyl-clad metal wrapper for ease of cleaning and feature stainless steel tanks. Units are covered by a 2.5-year warranty on materials and workmanship. 60-minute timers and covers are standard; units can also be fitted with optional heaters.

Visit our L&R Ultrasonic pages for more information on the quality L&R ultrasonic cleaners offered by iUltrasonic including the small but powerful PC3 cleaner ideal for home or hobbyist use.

Sharpertek® Ultrasonic Cleaners

Headquartered in Pontiac, MI, Sharpertek began as a consulting firm in engineering and now manufactures ultrasonic cleaning systems and related technology on a global basis.

Sharpertek ultrasonic equipment is found in both residential and industrial settings, the latter for companies engaged in the manufacture, repair and rehabilitation of equipment and devices whose performance is impaired by accumulated dirt, grime, grease and similar contaminants. The company also offers equipment designed for weapons cleaning and lubricating for military, public safety and sporting organizations.

The scientists and ultrasonic cleaning professionals at iUltrasonic have selected for your consideration 8 Sharpertek tabletop ultrasonic cleaners in cleaning solution capacities from .2 to 10 gallons.

These economically priced units are designed with features that make them ideally suited for the removal of performance-inhibiting residues from any piece of equipment – whether you operate a small engine repair shop, restore jewelry or clean instruments in a medical laboratory. Sharpertek benchtop cleaners operating in the normal mode are also ideally suited for sample prep in pharmaceutical and related research labs.

Check out the line of Sharpertek ultrasonic equipment offered on our website to see if one of these units meets your requirements, or call us at 973-440-2191 for expert advice.

Cleaning with Flammable Solvents

At the beginning of this post we mentioned non-aqueous solvents that are flammable. Flammable solvents present a hazardous condition however used but especially when used with ultrasonic cleaners. For that reason specially designed cleaners are available that, with proper placement and procedures, reduce hazards. Contact us for details on models that are either explosion proof or explosion resistant.

Call for Solutions for Special Ultrasonic Cleaner Requirements

The iUltrasonic website we’ve assembled is a representative roster of popular ultrasonic equipment models, both in cleaning solution capacities and operating features. Because we are authorized representatives of these manufacturers we also have access to other equipment they provide. So, if you can’t find what you need on our site please give our experts a call. Chances are we’ll help you find the perfect solution to your requirements.

We also invite you to download a copy of the free guide to ultrasonic cleaners offered on our website.