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  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Established for over 50 years
  • Cleans highly sensitive components
  • Modern, streamlined designs
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Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners

Elma Ultrasonic stands at the forefront of ultrasonic and steam cleaning technology, exemplifying excellence in precision engineering and innovation. For decades, they have pioneered advances in ultrasonic cleaning systems, catering to a wide array of industries including healthcare, automotive, aerospace, electronic, mold & die, metal finishing, and optics. German engineered and designed Elmasonic products are distinguished by their efficiency in removing contaminants from intricate surfaces without causing damage. Elma’s cleaning equipment and biodegradable water-based cleaning solutions are not only highly effective but also environmentally friendly. With a global reputation for reliability and performance, Elma has the unique product to fit your cleaning or mixing needs.

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E Plus Series "Easy and Economical"

The new and improved value for ultrasonic cleaning and mixing

Key Features

  • Dynamic mode for strong cleaning, mixing, and degassing
  • Eco mode for gentle cleaning
  • Timer 1-30 min or continuous
  • Temperature settings up to 80° C
  • Nine tank sizes from 0.25 gal to 7.5 gal

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S Series "The Sum of All Possibilities"

The Elma S ultrasonic units offer practically every available technical feature

Key Features

  • LED display of set and actual parameters
  • 3 Modes for cleaning, mixing, degassing
  • Temperature settings up to 80° C
  • 14 tank sizes from 0.25 gal to 24 gal

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Select Series "Programmable Cleaning and Mixing"

Elmasonic Select offers 5 ultrasonic modes to optimize parts cleaning, sample preparation, and solvent degassing.

Key Features

  • 5 Modes for thorough, rapid cleaning, mixing, degassing
  • Timer 1 min to 6 hours; Heater to 80°C
  • Stores up to 4 programs: time, temp, ultrasonic mode
  • Extra-large digital display; signals when run is complete
  • 11 tank sizes from 0.75 to 24 gal


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P Series "Select "P" for Parameters"

Featuring the broadest range of adjustable parameters

Key Features

  • Variable ultrasonic power
  • 4 Modes for cleaning, mixing, degassing
  • Dual frequency: 37 kHz and 80 kHz
  • Timer and heater up to 80° C
  • Six tank sizes from 0.75 gal to 7.5 gal




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XTRA TT Series "Durable & Powerful Workhorse"

Designed for extended cleaning cycles to 8 hours

Key Features

  • Permanent Sweep mode for uniform cleaning
  • Switchable Dynamic mode boosts cleaning power 20%
  • Timer, drain and heater to 80⁰C with safety shut-off at 90⁰C
  • Four tank sizes from 0.8 to 4.8 gallons
  • 3-year tank warranty




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Elma Drying Units "Safe, Efficient Drying after Ultrasonic Cleaning"

Elmadry TD drying units are offered in three sizes for thorough, efficient drying of parts when removed from an ultrasonic cleaning bath. They blow filtered hot air or cold (room temperature) air around parts; moisture-laden air exits from the vented lid.

Key Features

  • Simultaneous hot air (70°C) and cold air blower for drying sensitive parts
  • High user safety through safety shutdown upon reaching the limit temperature
  • 3 unit sizes for basket sizes 30, 120 and 300
  • Simple and fast operation

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XTRA ST Series "Extra Power"

New floor-mounted cleaners for heavy-duty applications

Key Features

  • Powerful, dual frequency cleaning 25/45 kHz
  • Heavy duty tank for 8 h/day operation
  • Timer, drain, and heater up to 80° C
  • Seven tank sizes from 8-67 gal
  • On casters for portability




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