Crest Ultrasonic Cleaners

  • Established in 1961
  • Ceramically enhanced ultrasonics
  • Global perspective
  • Commitment to fast service
More About CREST Ultrasonics

Depend on Crest Ultrasonic Cleaners

The scientists at iUltrasonic proudly offer 14 tabletop Crest ultrasonics with cleaning solution capacities from 0.75 to 7 gallons.

Crest Ultarsonics Powersonic cleaners with full digital function display are equipped with:

  • Timers to let you control the ultrasonic cleaning cycle
  • Thermostatically controlled lifetime-warranted heaters to set correct solution temperature
  • Powerful 45 kHz transducers ideal for most cleaning requirements
  • 9-step adjustable power to customize ultrasonic cleaning cycles
  • An automatic "Sweep" mode for uniform cleaning action
  • "Degas" to speed preparation of fresh cleaning solutions
  • Lift-off covers to reduce noise and cleaning solution evaporation
  • Cavitation-resistant stainless steel tanks and stainless enclosures for long life
  • A 2-year parts and labor warranty

About Crest Ultrasonics Cleaners

Headquartered in New Jersey, Crest Ultrasonics is the largest privately held company in the ultrasonics industry. Crest ultrasonic cleaners are employed worldwide in demanding applications such as:

  • Medical and biomedical device manufacturing
  • Aerospace and automotive manufacturing and maintenance
  • Orthopedics manufacturing and technology
  • Precision optics
  • Cosmetics
  • Firearm cleaning and maintenance
  • The semiconductor industry
  • Performance racing engine cleaning and maintenance

Crest Ultrasonics' Customer Commitment

Crest Ultrasonics always places customer service and quality at the forefront of its business. With branches worldwide, Crest Ultrasonics is able to commit to their clients' part replacement and service within the next business day.

The company's more than 960 employees aim to satisfy the unique ultrasonic needs of their clients whether a Fortune 500 automotive client or a private jeweler. The global reach of Crest Ultrasonics puts it in the unique position to benefit from worldwide technological research.

Whether it’s the ceramics manufactured in Pennsylvania or the transducers from Germany, Crest Ultrasonics strives to implement the latest technologies and techniques to manufacture each of its ultrasonic cleaners offered by iUltrasonic.

If you are looking for a company who has a global perspective with a commitment to fast and efficient service, then a Crest Ultrasonics cleaner may be the product for you. Select from these models offered by iUltrasonic for your Crest Ultrasonics cleaner size and tank dimensions to find the unit that meets the cleaning needs of your business. Models are in our inventory ready for shipment.

Crest Ultrasonic Cleaners


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