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Elma Ultrasonic Cleaner EP20H

Powerful Ultrasonic Cleaning for Parts and Services Departments

  • Length:
    5.90 in.
  • Width:
    5.40 in.
  • Depth:
    3.90 in.
  • Volume:
    .50 gal.

- 37 kHz operation for powerful but safe cavitation
- Powerful pulse mode increases cleaning power 20% for stubborn contaminants
- Quickly restore valuables to a like-new condition
- Heater and timer let you customize cleaning cycles
- Automatic sweep function enhances cleaning; protects PCBs and other delicate products

$739.00 $660.00

Product Details

The EP20H Ultrasonic Cleaner: a great demo unit for service and merchandising

Heater: Thermostatically adjustable heater with LED overheating alert

Benefit:  Improves cleaning efficiency to remove greases and oils

Sweep:  Continuous slight variation of ultrasonic frequency

Benefit:  Provides uniform and thorough cleaning; prevents damage to delicate parts

Pulse: Operator-controlled bursts of 20% additional ultrasonic power

Benefit:  Quickly remove tenacious contaminants; degas cleaning solutions and solvents; mix, disperse and dissolve lab samples

Power Tracking:  Automatically adjusts ultrasonic power to the cleaning load

Benefit: Consistent cleaning performance from run to run

Automatic shutdown after 8 hours continuous operation

Benefit: Protects parts and prevents damage to machine if you forget to turn it off

360 View (Image is representative and not actual product)


This is the ultrasonic cleaner for you if you want to make a real splash with your customers!  The Elmasonic EP20H cleaning unit fits right on your front display counter.  Watch customers marvel as you quickly and safely clean their small cell phones and valuables using powerful but safe 37 kHz ultrasonic cavitation and the permanent sweep function that avoids possible damage from standing waves.    Activate the powerful pulse mode to quickly blast away stubborn contaminants.  Its low price practically guarantees a quick payback on your investment.

Nothing could be easier than the EP20H for ultrasonic cleaning

Simply place small instrument components, small cell phone printed circuit boards, and similar parts into the cleaning basket (available separately) and lower it into the biodegradable ultrasonic cleaning solution available from iUltrasonic.  Turn the unit on, set the time and temperature and watch as grease, dirt and other contaminants are quickly and safely carried away by the implosion of millions of minute bubbles that reach into the tiniest cracks and crevices.  After cleaning follow product-specific recommendations for rinsing and drying, and then return the products to the customer.  You can bet they will tell their friends about the amazing effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning and more business will come your way.

An ultrasonic cleaner sized right for home use

Ultrasonic cleaners are popular home appliances for applications including cleaning jewelry, dentures, manicure instruments, tools, and models using appropriate cleaning solution formulations.  As another application the Elmasonic EP20H is ideally sized to prepare liposomal Vitamin C formulations at home in a 1 liter beaker.  Consult websites for information on preparation steps.

Check these EP20H ultrasonic cleaner features!

  • Precision German construction
  • Automatic sweep mode for uniform cleaning action
  • User-activated pulse mode for degassing and to remove tough contaminants
  • 2-year warranty enhances your investment
  • Set cleaning time and temperature with the intuitive control panel
  • LED indicates when set temperature is reached
  • Cavitation-resistant stainless steel tank for a long service life
  • Easily cleaned, colorful stainless steel exterior adds class to your service counter
  • Noise-reducing top  doubles as a drain tray
  • 1 to 30 minute or continuous operation lets you attend to other chores
  • 8-hour auto shutoff to avoid potential damage
  • Comes with tank and cover; order basket separately

Questions?  Contact the ultrasonic cleaning machine experts at iUltrasonic.

We’ll help you select the right sized ultrasonic cleaner, the correct biodegradable cleaning solution concentrates and cleaning procedures to get the highest productivity possible from your ultrasonic cleaner investment. 


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