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​New E Plus Line of Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners Available

Upgraded Features Target Parts Cleaning and Laboratory Applications

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment distributor iUltrasonic announces the availability of the new Elmasonic E Plus line of 37 kHz benchtop ultrasonic cleaners in 9 stainless steel tank capacities from 1/4 to 7-½ gallons. Replacing the Elmasonic E line, the newly designed E Plus ultrasonic cleaner units deliver about 30% more ultrasonic cleaning and mixing power.

Microprocessor-controlled Power Tracking assures reproducible performance run-to-run.

Elma E Plus ultrasonic cleaner units with capacities of 1.5 gallons and more are equipped with a side drain. All units have ergonomic handles and feature plastic lids to deaden noise and reduce evaporation. When reversed the lids serve as a drip pan for optional cleaning baskets. Other options include beaker supports and flask clamps, acid-resistant tub inserts, noise-protection boxes and hot air dryers.

Operator-activated Pulse produces intermittent bursts of high power intensity to remove stubborn contaminants, degas solvents and to mix, disperse and dissolve lab samples. An automatic Sweep mode ensures even distribution of cleaning action throughout the ultrasonic bath. The choice of Sweep and Pulse functions addresses the full range of ultrasonic unit applications in scientific and medical laboratories as well as industrial shops.

Sleek, easily cleaned stainless steel cases present an intuitive, water-sealed control panel allowing operators to

  • Set operating time from 1 to 30 minutes or continuous with auto shut-off at 8 hours
  • Set temperature from 30⁰ to 80⁰C with auto shut-off at 90⁰C
  • Activate the ultrasound
  • Activate the pulse mode

LEDs indicate when ultrasound is in operation, when the pulse mode is activated and when the ultrasonic bath temperature is reached.

Units carry a 2- year warranty, a replacement guarantee one year from the purchase date and are shipped with a full set of operating instructions. also carries a wide range of biodegradable ultrasonic cleaning solution concentrates for industrial, laboratory, healthcare and maintenance applications.

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