Ultrasonic Cleaner Solutions for Every Use

Select your solution formulation by using this table to match what you are cleaning with the suggested cleaner for ultrasonic. Containers are shipped with use instructions.

If you still have questions about which cleaner for ultrasonic to use for your cleaning needs and ultrasonic cleaner, chat with us to get answers from our experts.

Elma tec clean A4

2.5L | 10L | 25L

Engine parts, all metals, glass, ceramics, plastics, rubber Oil, grease, combustion residues, soot, dust, other organic contamination 2-5%
Elma tec clean A1

2.5L | 10L

Electronics, PCBs, electromechanical components, fine optics Flux residues, polishing suspensions, grease, oil, dust, fingerprints 3-10%
GunClean L6


Guns, rifles, aluminum parts Carbon, Oil, Grease, Dirt 10%
Elma tec clean S1

2.5L | 10L

Non-ferrous & light metals, PCBs, stainless steel, glass, plastics Mineral deposits, oxide layers, rust & lime; polishing media, mineral grease, oil 1-5%
Shellac Buster

1Gal | 5Gal

Heavily soiled carburetors and engine parts, production equipment, tools, mixing vats, tanks and drums Carbon, varnish, shellac, rust, printing inks, paints, adhesives, powder coatings, grease and oil Full Strength
JewelryClean S8


Silver, Platinum, Jewelry and Gems Dirts, Grease, Buffing compounds, Rouge, Tripoli, Oxides 2-5%
Elma tec clean N1


Gentle Cleaning of Metals, Plastics, Ceramics, Glass, Rubber, & Jewelry Oils, Greases, Grinding, Lapping & Polishing Residues, Dust, Fingerprints 5%
Elma tec clean A2


Ferrous & non-ferrous metals, precious metals, glass; brighten brass & copper Oil, fat, grease, sweat, oxides, buffing compounds 3-5%
Elma Lab Clean A20SF

2.5L | 10L

Volumetric glassware such as calibrated pipettes, burettes, graduated cylinders A broad range of contaminants including light grease, lime soap, residues, fingerprints & dust 1-2%
Elma Lab Clean S10


Labware from metals including aluminum & its alloys, glass, ceramic & plastics Mineral deposits, oxides, lime soaps, tarnish, light minerals, oils & greases, emulsions, fingerprints & dust .5-1%
Elma Lab Clean N10

2.5L | 10L

Medical instruments & labware of metals, light metals, glass, ceramics and plastics Emulsions, residues of markings & labels, lime soaps, light greases & oils, fingerprints & dust 1-2%
Elma clean 260(ec 260 d&s)

2.5L | 10L

Aluminum, laser machined parts, light metal alloys; glassy, ceramic and mineral surfaces, plastics Aqueous cooling emulsions, greases, oils, fingerprints, dust, lime soaps 2%
Elma tec clean KS

1.0L | 2.5L

Steel, gray cast iron and hard metals. Prevents corrosion of metals during/after aqueous cleaning. 0.05 - 0.5%
GunLube L5


Lubricates guns, rifles, bicycle parts   Full Strength
Hydro-Sonic Non-ammoniated


Heavily soiled metal parts, printing plates Ink, dyes, grease, heavy soils, varnish Makes 8 gallons of solution per bottle
Medclean C7


Medical and Dental Instruments Blood, Tissue, Ointments, Bodily Excretions 1-3%

1Gal | 5Gal

Slightly acidic for removing polyurea, polyurethane, epoxies, resins, and water and oil base paints from spray gun parts and tools. Spray-gun parts, stainless steel, brass, and more... 50% to Full Strength
Mold Release


Steel molds, injection molding tools Burnt-on plastic and rubber 50% to Full Strength

1Gal | 5Gal

Carbon Steel, Aluminum, and Brass Parts; Coating Equipment, Spray Guns Epoxy Resins, Lacquer Coatings, 2-part ISO Polyurea Coatings Full Strength


An Introduction to Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions

Just as selecting the correct ultrasonic cleaner is critical to a satisfactory cleaning operation, so too is selecting the correct ultrasonic cleaning solution.

Equipment and solution decisions can be made in parallel with the knowledge that the ultrasonic cleaner you use does not restrict the ultrasonic cleaner solution you use*. The choices are based on what you are cleaning and the type of contaminants being removed.

Types of Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions

Most ultrasonic cleaner solutions (also called soaps, chemicals and detergents) in use today are in the form of biodegradable concentrates - although some may be used full strength.  These formulations are a far cry from chemistries used in the past that posed health concerns to users along with challenging disposal concerns.

In general, modern ultrasonic cleaner solutions can be broadly classified by pH or as emulsifying or demulsifying formulations.

The pH designation helps classify the formula as acidic, alkaline, or neutral with high pH values associated with alkaline and lower as acidic.

An emulsifying formulation keeps contaminants in suspension where they accumulate and begin to lower cleaning effectiveness. These formulations are typically used for low-volume cleaning operations.

Demulsifying ultrasonic cleaner solutions allow contaminants to float to the surface where they can be skimmed off and set aside for later disposal.

An acidic cleaner is demulsifying elma tec clean S1 used to remove rust, lime, oxide films, grease and oil from nonferrous metals.

An alkaline cleaning solution is demulsifying elma tec clean A4 widely used to remove oil, grease, soot, coking, forge, dust and finger prints.

A neutral formulation is demulsifying elma tec clean N1 that can be used for metals, plastics, ceramics, glass and rubber.

If strong acids are used the stainless-steel tank must be protected by using an acid-resistant tub insert with the tank containing tap water and a surfactant.

Manufacturers provide detailed instructions on their use, including dilution, recommended cleaning temperatures, and also what are called material safety data sheets (MSDS) that detail chemistry, handling and disposal procedures.

Some Closing Remarks on Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions

We hope this information proves helpful as you navigate the many ultrasonic cleaning solution formulas listed below.  Additional suggestions will be found in "How to Select an Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution."  And you can always rely on the professionals at iUltrasonic if you need additional information.

*An exception applies if you clean with volatile or flammable solvents.