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GunLube L5 Ultrasonic Firearm Lubricating Solution - 1gal

  • Parts Lubricated
    Guns, Rifles, Bicycle Parts
  • Dilute to
    Use Full Strength

$81.82 $72.00

Product Details

Weapons Cleaning and Lubricating Solutions

Our gun cleaning and lubricating solutions are used by law enforcement and military personnel throughout the United States and abroad.

GunLube L5 Ultrasonic Firearm Lubricating Solution

  • What it is:a ready-to-use post-cleaning lubricant for firearms
  • What it does: removes all traces of water and leaves a dry lubricating film

Why you should use GunLube L5:

  • Fast: complete lubrication in 10-12 minutes
  • Thorough: reaches every surface of all components
  • Makes good sense: protects your investment by keeping firearms in top condition

How to Clean and Lubricate Firearms

For high throughput gun cleaning using one ultrasonic tank for cleaning and a second for lubricating is most efficient. GunClean L6 ultrasonic firearm cleaner can be prepared in the first ultrasonic cleaner following the instructions on the container. Place disassembled metal parts in the cleaning basket and immerse them in the solution. At the conclusion of the cycle rinse the parts in fresh water and drain. Transfer parts to the second ultrasonic cleaner containing the blended ready-to-use GunLube L5 lubricating solution for a 10-12 minute cycle that removes all traces of water and leaves the firearm looking and feeling like brand new. Wipe any excess lubricant from weapons before reassembly. For low volume gun cleaning an auxiliary pan can be used in place of the second tank. The lubricating solution is placed in the auxiliary pan that is lowered into the cleaning tank so that the bottom of the pan is in contact with the cleaning solution. Ultrasonic cavitation will penetrate the pan and complete the lubricating step.

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