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JewelryClean S8 Precious Metals & Gems Cleaner - 2qt

  • Soils Removed
    Dirts, Grease, Buffing compounds, Rouge, Tripoli, Oxides
  • Parts Cleaned
    Gold, Silver, Platinum, Jewelry and Gems
  • Dilute to


Product Details

JewelryClean S8 for Ultrasonic Cleaning Precious Metals and Gems

  • What it is: a concentrated ultrasonic cleaning solution 2 Quarts
  • What it cleans: platinum, gold, silver and gems
  • What it removes: dirt, grease, buffing compounds, rouge, tripoli and oxides

Why you should use JewelryClean S8:

  • Fast: cleans in just a few minutes
  • Gentle: won’t damage delicate surfaces
  • Thorough: makes jewelry sparkle
  • Economical: a little bit goes a long way

JewelryClean S8 is ideal for:

  • Cleaning and restoring heirloom jewelry
  • Removing polishing compounds and other unwanted substances from new jewelry

How much JewelryClean S8 do you need?

Using JewelryClean S8 in an ultrasonic cleaner is faster than manual cleaning to remove all types of contaminants from precious metals and gemstones. Moreover, manually cleaning can result in damaged surfaces and may loosen stones in mountings.

One quart of highly concentrated JewelryClean S8 should be diluted with water to 10 gallons for light cleaning or to 5 gallons for heavy cleaning. Gentle, thorough ultrasonic cavitation reaches into the tiniest openings in rings, bracelets, earrings and flatware for a thorough first cleaning or to restore finishes to a “like new” condition.

Each batch of cleaning solution you prepare can be used several times before it should be replaced. You’ll know when because cleaning efficiency will drop off. Dispose of it in a locally acceptable manner and prepare a new batch according to instructions on the container.

Questions? Contact the ultrasonic cleaning experts at iUltrasonic.

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