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Shellac-Buster CLN-SH RS75 Cleaner - 5G

Acidified to remove contaminates affected by lower pH chemicals

  • Soils Removed:
    Carbon, varnish, shellac, rust, printing inks, paints, adhesives, powder coatings, grease and oil
  • Parts Cleaned:
    Heavily soiled carburetors and engine parts, production equipment, tools, mixing vats, tanks and drums
  • Dilute to
    Full strength


Product Details

Shellac-Buster: Non-Hazardous and Eco-Friendly

  • What it is: Cleaner can be sprayed on for general cleaning purposes. It can, also, be used in cleaning, stripping equipment, such as; high pressure washing systems, dip tanks and ultrasonic units.
  • What it cleans/removes: Used for printing inks, water based paints, silicone’s, adhesives, E-coatings, TGIC powder coatings, carbon, rust, grease and oil. It is an excellent product for the automotive reconditioning industry. RS-75 is stable in water and can be used as a general cleaner for floor cleaning, to remove old wax, paint and ink, production equipment, and tools, mixing vats, portable tanks and drums.

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