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Elma tec clean A4 Universal Ultrasonic Degreaser - 25L

  • Soils Removed:
    Grease, Dirt, Coolant, Oil, Dust, Particles, carbon, Soot, Wax
  • Parts Cleaned:
    Carbs, Injectors, All metal parts, Plastic
  • Dilute to

$579.00 $517.00

Product Details

Elma tec clean A4 Universal Ultrasonic Degreaser

  • What it is: an alkaline concentrated ultrasonic cleaning solution
  • What it cleans: all metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, quartz and rubber
  • What it removes: cutting and machining coolant/residue, grease, oils, soot, carbon, wax, fingerprints, dust

Why you should use Elma tec clean A4

  • Versatile – solves most ultrasonic cleaning challenges
  • Simple to use
  • Fast working
  • Economical

Here’s a short list of what people are cleaning with elma tec clean A4

  • Engine parts, gears, bearings, carburetors, fuel injectors
  • Bicycle parts
  • Filters and screens
  • Newly machined metal parts
  • Plastic parts
  • Complex parts fabricated of several metals, alloys, and plastics
  • Plumbing fixtures, hardware and locks
  • Printer toner cassettes
  • Sport and recreation power equipment

How to use elma tec clean A4

Dilute with water to make a 1 to 5% solution – depending on the condition of parts being cleaned. For instance, a 2.5 liter container of tec clean A4 concentrate makes approximately 15 gallons of cleaning solution. Mildly alkaline, it causes contaminants to dislodge from surfaces being cleaned. Grease, oil and wax float to the top of the solution where they can be skimmed off for disposal. This enables the ultrasonic degreaser to be used over multiple cleaning cycles, the number depending on the amount of contaminants being removed. Because it is water based, tec clean A4 is biodegradable, but please observe local regulations regarding proper disposal of spent solutions.

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