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Ultrasonic Phone Rescue SPR-075 Cleaning Kit

Sized for Cleaning PCBs in Larger Cell Phones

Kit Contents:

  • 0.75 Gal Ultrasonic Cleaner with Timer & Heater
  • Tank Inside Dim. (LxWxH) 9.4 x 5.4 x 3.9 inches
  • Basket & Lid
  • 2.5 L PCB Cleaning Concentrate, dilutes to 15 Gal Solution
  • User Guide: How to Clean Printed Circuit Boards


Product Details

PCB Ultrasonic Cleaner Repairs iPhones, PDAs and Tablets in a Jiffy

Ultrasonic Phone Rescue Kit Model SPR-075

  • The best way to clean cell phone PCBs of all sizes
  • Quickly pays for itself with faster throughput
  • Makes cell phone repair easy
  • Kit includes everything you need to get started

Four Good Reasons to Buy


How long does it take you to clean a PCB? With the SPR-075 you can thoroughly clean PCBs in 10 minutes or less.


PCBs come clean in 3 easy steps.(1) Fill ultrasonic cleaner with prepared solution and turn on power, (2) place PCBs in the basket and immerse them in the tank for 10 minutes, (3) remove from tank, rinse with distilled water and dry.


Eliminate damage caused by manual cleaning. Cleaning with brushes and solvents is no match for the thoroughness of ultrasonic cavitation when it comes to cleaning delicate PCB components and assemblies. Replace dangerous solvents with the implosion of billions of bubbles in the biodegradable ultrasonic cleaning solution. It uses the same technology employed by PCB manufacturers.


The SPR-075 Sonic Phone Rescue Kit increases your PCB repair throughput. Its speed and thoroughness lets you quickly recoup your investment. Moreover, the equipment is backed by a 2-year warranty, and PCB cleaning solution refills are readily available.

How it works

In the Sonic Phone Rescue Kit Model SPR-075 ultrasonic energy is provided by powerful 37 kHz (37,000 cycles per second) ultrasonic transducers producing cavitation action in a cleaning solution especially formulated for printed circuit boards. The cleaner’s sweep function evenly distributes cleaning power throughout the bath to optimize the cleaning action.

Larger PCB Cleaner Capacities Available

Contact us for information on larger kits for cleaning computer mother boards and similar PCBs.

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