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Ultrasonic Grease Buster SGB-1000 Cleaning Kit

Kit Contents:

  • 10 Gallons SH720-10G Ultrasonic Cleaner with Timer, Heater & Drain
  • Tank Inside Dimension: (LxWxH) 19.5 x 11 x 10 inches
  • Stainless Steel Lid
  • Stainless Steel Mesh Basket
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner Operating Manual
  • 10 Liters tec clean A4 Auto Parts Cleaning Concentrate, Dilute with Water to 60 Gallons
  • User Guide: How to Clean Carburetors and Auto Parts


Product Details

Check out this Complete Auto Parts Ultrasonic Cleaner Kit

Ultrasonic Grease Buster Model SGB-1000

  • A complete, easy to use car parts ultrasonic cleaner package
  • Everything you need including cleaning solution and instructions
  • Superior quality equipment at a great price
  • Thorough cleaning where brushes can’t reach
  • No dangerous solvent sprays, no hand scrubbing

Here’s the sensible solution in an ultrasonic car parts cleaner 

If you’ve been looking for an economically priced ultrasonic cleaning system for car parts your search is over. The folks at iUltrasonic have assembled a complete car parts sonic cleaner kit perfect for removing gunk, grease, built-up road dirt and other contaminants from fuel pumps, oil pumps, brake assemblies, gears and other components without the mess and bother of manual scrubbing with solvents in wash tanks. With the 10-gallon model SGB-1000 Sonic Grease Buster ultrasonic cleaner kit you quickly remove stubborn deposits from all surfaces immersed in the biodegradable cleaning solution. The kit includes easy-to-follow instructions and enough concentrate to make up 60 gallons of cleaning solution.

How it works

The ultrasonic cleaner in your model SGB 1000 kit delivers up to 720 watts of adjustable power to a set of transducers bonded to the stainless steel tank. Vibration of these transducers at a frequency of 40 kHz produces many tiny but powerful cavitation bubbles in the cleaning liquid. These bubbles do the cleaning by violently but safely imploding on contact with all wetted car parts. The built-in ultrasonic sweep function promotes even distribution of cavitation bubbles throughout the solution while the adjustable heater provides improved cleaning action to remove oils and grease.

This 110-volt ultra sonic car parts cleaner carries a 2-year warranty (1 year parts & labor, 2nd year parts).

Contact us for information on industrial-sized ultrasonic cleaners for large engine parts.

Questions? Contact the Auto Parts Ultra Sonic Cleaner Pros at iUltrasonic.

We'll help you select the right carburetor cleaning kit to get the highest productivity possible from your carburetor cleaner kit investment.



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