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Elma Ultrasonic: Innovators of Design

• Manufactured in Germany
• Established for over 50 years
• Cleans highly sensitive components
• Modern, streamlined designs

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When Elmasonic Ultrasonic develops a product they strive to exceed both the practical and the aesthetic needs of their customer. Elma Ultrasonics began its journey as a small watch cleaner, introducing ultrasonic technology to the watch industry in the 60’s. Established for over 50 years, this medium sized German company is an innovator in the ultrasonic cleaner industry. Pairing the technological advances and modern designs that Germany is renowned for, Elma Ultrasonic continues to create highly efficient instruments without compromising style. Today, Elma Ultrasonic has expanded their cleaning technology to provide a full range of products that will meet all of your ultrasonic needs. Elma Ultrasonic combines leading edge technology, attractive and intelligent design, and the highest manufacturing quality. Form meets function in Elma Ultrasonic products.

German engineered and designed, Elmasonic products beautifully pair form and function. Whether you’re seeking a multifunctional system such as the S-line or the efficient modern E-line, Elma has the unique product to fit your cleaning needs.


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