XM 60 Moisture Analyzer with 20 Program Memory

  • Readout: 0.001g/0.01%
  • Capacity: 124g
  • Temp Range:30-230°C
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Product Details

XM 60 Moisture Analyzer with 20 Program Memory Key Features:

Capacity 0.2 - 124g
Resolution/readout 0.001g (0.01% moisture)
(std deviation)
0.02% (10g sample)
Drying Temperature Range 30° - 230°C (1° increments)
Memory to Store Test
20 sets of measurement programs
for easy recall
Drying Modes Standard/Boost/Soft

A High-End Moisture Balance for Demanding Applications

  • Stores up to 20 analysis methods for quick retrieval
  • Perfect for a wide range of powders, pastes and other products
  • Simplified drying profile management
  • Single key report generating
  • Easy-to-read-vacuum fluorescent display
  • Generous 124 g capacity for low-moisture samples
  • External calibration with separately purchased 100 g calibration weight

A demonstration of the quality of Swiss manufacturing, the Precisa XM 60 moisture balance from Tovatech represents a blend of valuable operating features and a reasonable price.  Choose the XM 60 to meet your ongoing and repetitive quality control and analysis requirements in a timely manner simply by calling up its stored menu of up to 20 programs. The features of the XM 60 moisture balance make it a smart choice to measure and confirm critical moisture content in applications ranging from public works to pharmaceutical R&D and QC. The option of a glass-free metal heater is provided for food processing quality control department conformance in FDA/HAACP (hazard analysis & critical control points) locations.

Researchers and QC personnel select soft (slow), standard and boost (high) heat rate drying profile management without requiring ramp programming. Report generating is simplified by pressing the Key- Select™ mode until the display shows the desired report, then releasing the key to send the report to a printer or via the RS232 output to the computer.

More XM 60 Value Features

  • Standard RS-232 or optional USB adapter for data transfer
  • Large viewing window lets you monitor the sample
  • Easy-to-read vacuum fluorescent display
  • Anti-theft code for enhanced protection
  • Password protection avoids unauthorized programming changes
  • Fast < 3-second stabilization time adds to efficiency
  • Free downloadable software upgrades
  • Computer ready for GLP/GMP/ISO formats

Two-point temperature calibration (100/160°C) with optional kit

  • Readout: 0.001g/0.01%
  • Capacity: 124g
  • Temp Range:30-230°C

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