DSC 71P - Our Most Popular Moisture Analyzer for Plastics

  • Readout:
  • Capacity:
  • Temp Range:
    30-200 °C
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Product Details

DSC 71P Key Features:

Capacity 71g
Resolution/readout 0.0001g (0.001% moisture)
(std deviation)
0.05% (for samples over 2 g)
0.01% (for samples over 10 g)
Drying Temperature Range 30°C (1°C increments)
Memory to Store Test
20 sets of measurement programs
for easy recall
Drying Modes Standard/Quick/Automatic/Timer/Manual

A “Plug-and-Play” Moisture Balance for Plastic Resins 

The DSC 71P is our best moisture analyzer for testing low moisture plastics. To save you time it has a default program to test 75% of the most commonly used resins.  Also as a time saver you’ll get 3 free telephone tech support sessions to establish settings for other resin formulations such as your own custom compounds.   For an additional fee, a test method for your specific polymer will be developed and programmed into the instrument before shipping the DSC 71P unit to you.  Ask us for details. 

  • Best choice for moisture-critical plastic resins
  • Extra large weighing pan to maximize sample size and test accuracy
  • Pre-programmed to test 75% of commonly used resins
  • 3 tech support phone calls for optimizing test parameters
  • Custom programming available prior to shipment
  • 20 program memory
  • 5-year warranty 

Standard features include:

  • Large 9 mm (3.5”) reusable stainless steel sample pan
  • WinCT Moisture software for real time display on PC of moisture loss rate
  • Brilliant vacuum fluorescent display for easy reading
  • 5 shut-off options: standard, quick, automatic, timer and manual
  • 4 drying profiles for maximum flexibility: standard, ramp, step and quick
  • High-efficiency 5,000-hour, 400-watt halogen heater
  • 30 g sodium tartrate dihydrate standard for accuracy checks
  • RS-232C to optional printer or computer for record keeping
  • Spoon and Tweezers
  • Comprehensive user manual

Useful Options:

  • 50 g calibration weight for GLP, GMP and ISO conformance
  • Certified temperature calibrator for precise temperature control
  • GLP/GMP printing option
  • Additional 9 mm (3.5”) sample pans

Plastic Moisture Analysis Made Easy

Injection molders know that pellets with incorrect moisture content can result in rejects and can damage mold finishes.  The thermogravimetric DSC 71P halogen moisture analyzer is faster and significantly easier to operate than Karl Fischer analysis procedures and generates no waste products.  Once program parameters for a particular resin are entered into the unit, it’s a simple matter to evenly spread samples on the tared sample pan, close the lid and press the start button.  Drying process data are displayed on the unit or on a PC in real time; results can be transferred to a PC or printer for record keeping.

  • Readout:
  • Capacity:
  • Temp Range:
    30-200 °C

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