Introducing the Elmasonic Select Line: Programmable Cleaning, Five Ultrasonic Modes

Introducing the Elmasonic Select Line: Programmable Cleaning, Five Ultrasonic Modes

Elmasonic Select ultrasonic cleaners available from iUltrasonic feature 5 ultrasonic modes to simplify task setting and supervision for parts cleaning and maintenance, sample prep, and solvent degassing plus up to 4 commonly used programs for quick call up and reproducible results.

  • 5 ultrasonic modes for powerful, rapid, thorough, reproducible cleaning and mixing
  • 3 cleaning cycle parameters: mode, temperature to 80⁰C/176⁰F, and timer to 6 hours
  • Store up to 4 programs for quick call-up and reproducible results
  • Brilliant digital display clearly shows all operating parameters
  • Audio/visual signal at cycle completion
  • 11 tank sizes from 0.7 to 24 gallons

Elmasonic Select Product Features

Customize your ultrasonic cleaning or sample prep projects by putting these features to work in your shop or laboratory:

  • Sweep - For uniform cleaning via a slight ± variation in ultrasonic frequency
  • Pulse - Brief spikes in power to remove stubborn contaminants or for mixing and sample prep
  • Dynamic - Combines sweep and pulse for optimized cleaning performance
  • Eco - For nearly silent, gentle cleaning
  • Degas - Quickly remove trapped air from solvents and fresh cleaning solutions
  • Heater - Select 25⁰C to 80⁰C or in ⁰F; upper temperature limit and auto-start
  • Timer - Set 1 minute to 6 hours; count-down display, audio/visual completion signal; safety auto-shut-off after 8 hours of no activity
  • Drain - Side-controlled rear drain models Select 60 to 300; side controlled valve and drain Select 500 and 900

Plus the Elmasonic 2 Year Warranty

Elma stands behind their products. All Elma ultrasonic cleaners come with an industry-best 2 year warranty. If the unit malfunctions because of a manufacturing defect, simply call us and we’ll repair or replace the unit.

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