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L&R Ultrasonic Cleaner Q210H

  • Length:
    11.75 in.
  • Width:
    6.00 in.
  • Depth:
    6.00 in.
  • Volume:
    1.50 gal.

- Fast, thorough parts cleaning at 43 kHz ultrasonic frequency
- Triple warranty covers materials and workmanship, housing, and transducer bonding
- Works with a wide range of ultrasonic cleaning solutions
- The brand with a great industry reputation
- Control cleaning time and temperature


Product Details

A Revenue-Generating Ultrasonic Cleaner

Heater: Heater heats solution to 145°F to assist in breaking down waxes, oils, and baked on debris and soils. 

Benefit: Improves cleaning effectiveness; required for removal of grease and oil.

Drain: Drain with valve for easy removal of fluid from tank.

Benefit:  Simplifies maintenance.

Normal mode: Operates at fixed ultrasonic frequency.

Benefit: Aids in mixing, dissolving, and dispersing samples.

There are many ways to increase cash flow in a business, and faster throughput is one of them. If your business calls for performing difficult cleaning jobs involving complex-shaped, dirt-encrusted components you are a candidate for the Q210H aqueous parts washer. It can accomplish in minutes what could take hours or more by manually scrubbing parts with potentially harmful solvents and aerosol sprays.

This compact 1.5-gallon capacity ultrasonic cleaner from provides vigorous cavitation action at a 43 kHz frequency that produces microscopic bubbles in the biodegradable ultrasonic cleaning solution. These bubbles implode with great force when they come in contact with contaminants on products being cleaned. They safely blast them away leaving a clean surface for further processing. Cleaning is enhanced by increasing the temperature of the ultrasonic cleaning solution. Simply adjust the built-in thermostatically controlled heater.

Cleaning tips for the Q210H aqueous parts washer

  1. Select a biodegradable ultrasonic cleaning solution formulated for your requirements.
  2. Degas the solution to remove cavitation-inhibiting air by operating the unit for 45 minutes without a load. This applies to all fresh solutions prior to their first use.
  3. Establish and follow cleaning times and temperatures for the job at hand.
  4. Place parts in the stainless steel basket (available separately) and lower them into the tank.
  5. At the end of the cycle, remove and inspect parts, proceed as needed.

Remember to skim off contaminants that float to the surface. Dirty solutions should be drained and discarded following local regulations. Clean the tank following the manufacturer's recommendations then refill the ultrasonic tank with fresh cleaning solution.

More reasons to purchase an Q210H aqueous parts washer

  • Made in the USA
  • ISO 9001-2008 certified
  • Rugged vinyl clad exterior keeps looking good through years of service
  • Heater and 60 minute timer
  • Full line of specialized cleaning solutions available
  • Warranties: 2.5 years parts labor, 5 years on housing, 10 years on transducer bonding
  • Comes with ultrasonic cleaning tank and lid
  • Optional accessories include stainless steel basket and auxiliary pan

Questions? Contact the ultrasonic cleaning experts at iUltrasonic.

We'll help you select the right sized ultrasonic cleaner, the correct biodegradable cleaning solutions and cleaning procedures to get the highest productivity possible from your ultrasonic cleaner investment.

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