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How to Clean Decorative Brass Hardware

Decorative brass hardware, especially hardware exposed to the elements, can soon lose its luster and eye-catching appeal. Examples include door hardware such as latches, hinges and knockers, lighting fixtures, drawer pulls and cabinetry trim, and fireplace andirons and tools. Pastes and brass cleaning solvents require an expenditure of time and effort to restore brass hardware to [...]

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Save 10% on Ultrasonic Carb Cleaning Kits for Motorcycles

Bikers who do their own engine maintenanceand bike shops spending too much time cleaning motorcycle carburetors can cut carb cleaning time by using an ultrasonic cleaner. Getting gear in shape for spring and summer bike rallies, poker runs and cruising is faster and easier thanks to the iUltrasonic carb cleaning kit now available at a 10% [...]

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Tip: Positioning the Parts

Investing in ultrasonic cleaners and ultrasonic cleaning solutions put you on the right path toward achieving fast, efficient and thorough parts cleaning. That’s because sonic cleaning is proven to be the most effective means of removing contaminants from any part that can be safely immersed in a biodegradable cleaning bath. But as our title suggests, positioning [...]

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Nanoparticle Dispersion by Ultrasound

A 2012 article in the Journal of Nanomaterials reported on the Dispersion and Stabilization of Photocatalytic TiO2 Nanoparticles in Aqueous Suspension for Coatings Applications. The article noted that ultrasonication has been proven as a useful tool to disperse nanoparticles and to eliminate agglomeration in aqueous suspensions. It referenced a similar study in the August 2008 issue [...]

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Terms

Selecting an ultrasonic cleaner may, at first, seem a simple task. Until, that is, it comes to selecting features offered by various manufacturers and deciding which of these apply to your cleaning task. Or for selecting features important for sample prep in your laboratory.This brief description of ultrasonic cleaning terms may help you in the decision [...]

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How to Clean Oil Burner Nozzles

Residential and commercial oil-fired heating systems are generally serviced on an annual basis. During normal operation oil burner nozzles may accumulate sludge formations. These are not removed by fuel in the process of operating the burner but instead bake on nozzle walls. While the prevailing practice is to replace nozzles during servicing it may also be [...]

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Sonic Cleaning Beverage Dispensers and Bottling Equipment Valves

Sonic cleaning beverage dispenser nozzles and valves in restaurants and fast food chains is a fast and thorough method of removing sugary build up, cocoa, coffee stains and other residues that could lead to an unsatisfactory inspection rating. The same holds true for cleaning bottling equipment filling valves used on commercial food and beverage processing lines. That’s [...]

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How to Sonic Clean Tubing and Blind Holes

Sonic cleaning small diameter glass and metal tubing, and parts with machined blind holes can be accomplished much more efficiently and with less chance of product damage compared to using brushes and wires in solvent cleaning tanks. The secret is in setting up the parts in the ultrasonic cleaning solution and providing some assistance to ensure [...]

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Ultrasonic Cleaner Power Designations

A number of posts on this blog deal with features that should be considered when purchasing an ultrasonic cleaner. Here we present points relating to ultrasonic cleaner power designations. At the outset power should not be confused with ultrasonic frequency, which is presented in kilohertz (kHz), the vibration frequency of transducers that produce sonication in the [...]

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How to Clean Outboard Motor Parts

The first day on the water is a poor time to learn that your outboard motor engine is not at its best. And now with spring approaching northern climes, smart freshwater and saltwater fishing enthusiasts are thinking about getting their outboard motors tuned up.  What could be a relatively messy task is made faster, easier [...]

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