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Solvent Cleaning


Beakers filled with flammable solvent provide safe cleaning operation 

Operating an ultrasonic cleaner not designated as explosion proof with the tank filled with a flammable solvent poses a serious explosion hazard. However, a standard ultrasonic cleaner can be operated safely using the following method: Fill beakers with flammable solvent and position them in a water-filled ultrasonic cleaner. Small parts can be cleaned inside covered beakers which are partially immersed in water. The ultrasonic waves pass through the beaker walls and into the solvent. This operation should be carried out with sufficient ventilation to prevent solvent vapor accumulation. The ventilation system must ensure that the flammable vapor cannot reach an ignitable concentration near the ultrasonic tank.

Ultrasonic Cleaning using Flammable Solvent Beaker Kits

Convenient Kits for Cleaning with Flammable Solvents in Beakers

iUtrasonic provides the following kits for cleaning with flammable solvents in glass beakers. The beakers are suspended in an ultrasonic tank filled with water (plus a bit of detergent) and the ultrasonic energy penetrates the glass to clean the parts.