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Ultrasonic Cleaners Help with Small Home Cleaning Chores

For many years, ultrasonic cleaners have demonstrated their usefulness in handling delicate cleaning tasks ranging from removing fluids from surgical instruments to cleaning rust from auto parts. While these instruments have been a staple of medical offices, research laboratories and automotive shops, they can also be useful in handling many small jobs around the home that require both a thorough cleaning and a soft touch. Users can purchase a small home unit, such as this ultrasonic cleaner for a fraction of the cost of the larger units used in high-tech facilities, and yet can still get a deep cleaning of their most stubborn items.

How to Use an Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic for Home Cleaning

For all of its technical sophistication, an ultrasonic cleaner is very easy to use, even for a first-time buyer. Anyone can follow the clearly-outlined steps to ensure a safe and thorough cleaning of their most delicate items.

  • Pour tap water into the stainless steel tank up to the fill line or as recommended in the manual.
  • Add detergent to the tank. Users can also purchase a bottle of concentrated biodegradable, non-toxic detergent solution specifically designed for use in ultrasonic cleaners.
  • Close the lid and turn on the ultrasonic cleaner. The transducers attached to the tank convert electrical energy into high-frequency sound waves, which form the millions of tiny bubbles that create the cleaning action. Let the machine operate for about 10 minutes to remove air from the cleaning liquid.
  • If the unit has a heater set it to the desired cleaning temperature. When the set temperature is reached, place the items into the basket and lower them into the tank. The basket prevents the items from touching the sides and bottom of the tank.
  • Close the lid and set the timer for the cleaning time desired. The ultrasonic cleaner goes to work on removing dust, oil, dead skin cells and other contaminants or residues left on the surface.
  • When the cleaning cycle is complete, remove the items. Cleaning cycles can range from two to twenty minutes, depending on the item and the contaminants to be removed. Check the items to make sure they’re clean. If needed, put them back in the tank and run an additional cleaning cycle.
  • Rinse the items if desired. A thorough rinse will remove any leftover contaminants as well as residue from the detergent solution.

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners

One of the most widespread uses of home ultrasonic cleaners is the cleaning of jewelry. Professional jewelers use ultrasonic cleaners to clean much of their stock, and also provide this service to their customers. As people wear their rings, necklaces and bracelets, the residue from sweat, oil and dirt can sink into the intricate crevices and narrow notches in these pieces. Instead of using a brush and jewelry soap to clean these items by hand, more and more owners are switching to the fast and efficient cleaning method supplied by the ultrasonic cleaner.

Ultrasonic Gun Cleaners

Many firearms enthusiasts use ultrasonic cleaners to remove oil, powder residue and other harmful particles from their weapons. The effective reach of the microscopic bubbles created in the ultrasonic cleaner allows it to reach into areas of the firearm that brushes, rags and other hand-held methods can't access. The thorough cleaning offered by an ultrasonic cleaner also serves to prolong the working life of the weapon and allows it to function at peak efficiency for longer periods.

In today's economy, people are always looking for ways to avoid the cost of replacing their household items and to lengthen their useful lifespan. An ultrasonic cleaner from can stretch out the useful life of many items, and also save time and money, by quickly and efficiently removing contaminants and restoring the items to their optimum condition.

For more information on finding an ultrasonic cleaner that meets your needs, contact the experts at iultrasonic at 973-821-3406.


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