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Keeping Fuel Injectors Grease-Free with Ultrasonic Cleaning

Over time, fuel injectors get clogged, affecting the performance of the engine. Well maintained fuel injectors kept free from deposits have maximized horsepower and yield economic fuel usage. However, cleaning fuel injectors is a tedious task that requires patience and skill plus careful handling and “mechanical know-how”.

Carb cleaner and wire control cleaning tools are widely used methods for unclogging fuel injectors. Others also rely on toxic cleaning solutions found at gas stations and automotive stores. While these methods may be helpful in getting rid of some residue and flushing out loose dirt, they do not thoroughly clean and remove all of the deposits from the fuel injectors. Grit may still remain in between the pintle and pintle sleeves of fuel injectors.

The use of an ultrasonic bath gives a more polished cleaning result for fuel injectors. Ultrasonic cleaners use ultrasonic waves that give way to cavitation, creating tiny bubbles that implode on the fuel injector’s surface to produce microscopic jets of liquid. These tiny jets thoroughly scrub the surface and remove the deposits getting into all the crevices, blind holes, cracks and recesses. This technology is especially beneficial in cleaning hard-to-reach parts of engine components, without damaging the parts.

Ultrasonic cleaning not only results in an untarnished finish, but also completes the task in a relatively short period of time. Cleaning fuel injectors with ultrasonic baths is convenient and simple, providing for a more efficient procedure. Ultrasonic cleaners and safe cleaning solutions formulated for fuel injectors are now available in the market.

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