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Fast and Thorough Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning System

A day at the pistol range or at the shooting club closes with the ritual of gun cleaning – a ritual that is both faster and more thorough with an ultrasonic gun cleaning kit that in two steps cleans the pistol and lubricates it yielding far superior results than hand cleaning with solvents, rags, brushes, and elbow grease. Such systems are used in law enforcement agencies and are priced to make them attractive for shooting clubs and individuals interested in preserving and protecting their firearms.

Ultrasonic handgun cleaning is unsurpassed as a means of removing virtually all types of contaminants from any surface that can be safely wetted. Cleaning is accomplished by the implosion of minute bubbles on all surfaces of firearm components immersed in a cleaning solution formulated for the task. The implosions, called cavitation, quickly loosen and carry away powder residue, shavings, old lubricants and other contaminants from tiny openings and crevices virtually impossible to reach with brushes and rags.

How to Clean a Pistol with Sonication

Because it performs a dual role, an ultrasonic cleaner kit for firearms such as those available from iultrasonic are designed to both clean and lubricate firearms. An example is the HCS-200 gun cleaning kit, which comes with 2 bottles of cleaning solution concentrate, a gallon of lubricating solution, a basket for disassembled gun components and a comprehensive instruction manual.

Here’s an abbreviated gun cleaning operation using the HCS-200, which is designed to hold a 6-inch revolver or 2 full-size semi automatic handguns 1. Added details are in the manual.

Cleaning Solution Preparation

First prepare the cleaning solution. Pour an 8-oz bottle of the cleaning solution concentrate into the tank and add warm water to the fill line. This achieves a 1:10 dilution. Turn on the ultrasound and allow the unit to operate for approximately 10 minutes to mix the solution and remove (degas) trapped air. 2

When all is ready disassemble the firearms to the degree possible, always following the manufacturers’ instructions. Remove and set aside grips. Use the cleaning kit brush to remove loose contaminants, a step that helps prolong the life of the ultrasonic cleaning solution.

The Gun Cleaning Operation

1. Place parts in the ultrasonic cleaner basket. Try to avoid them touching each other. Immerse the basket in the solution and turn on the ultrasound. Place the lid on the tank and allow the unit to run for approximately 10 minutes.

2. Remove the basket and inspect the parts. If satisfied rinse them in warm water and allow them to dry for a few minutes.

While the parts are drying place the cleaning basket in the lubricating pan and add enough lubricating solution straight from the gallon container to the pan until it reaches the top of the basket. Do not add water.

Attach the supplied cleaning solution level gauge to the side of the cleaning tank. Remove and set aside enough cleaning solution so the gauge sits just on the surface. This is so the lubricating pan will not cause cleaning solution overflow when it is positioned in the tank with its bottom slightly immersed in the solution. Remove the level gauge and place the lubricant tray in the tank.

The Gun Lubricating Operation

1. Place parts in the basket, lower them in the lubricant, cover the pan and activate the unit.Cavitation action passes through the bottom of the pan into the lubricant, removing all traces of water. Allow approximately 10 minutes for a thorough job.

2. Remove the parts basket and allow excess lubricant to drain into the pan then let them air dry for about 5 minutes. This leaves a dry lubricating film on all surfaces. You are now ready to oil and reassemble your weapon.

Tip: The life of the cleaning solution can be prolonged by skimming off oils that float to the surface. Set this aside for disposal. Longer cleaning cycles signal that it’s time to replace the solution. Dispose of spent solution and skimmed residues in a locally approved manner. The lubricant should be good for 30-35 handguns before it is replaced.

iultrasonic offers replacement gun cleaning solution concentrate as GunClean L6 and lubricant as GunLube L5 both in gallon containers.

1Larger ultrasonic gun and rifle cleaning systems are available. Contact us for details or for answers to your questions on ultrasonic firearm cleaning equipment.

2The degassing operations must be performed each time you prepare fresh cleaning solutions.


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