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Elma Ultrasonic Units at Medica 2011

During the Medica 2011 Düsseldorf exhibition, Elma Ultrasonic showcased their top-of-the-line benchtop units. These units are convenient for use in the Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) and in dental or medical practices for small clinics.

Elma Ultrasonic has a wide range of table top units starting with a one-liter volume size for smaller apparatus and tools and up to three-liter models often used in the dental market. These professional units have several attractive options including different frequencies, power regulation and push function. The company also has a six-liter version used for cleaning standard instruments, in bigger quantities.

One unit has a long but narrow basket for needles, small lens scopes or other long items. This machine is handy with easy pre-cleaning directly in the operation theater before instruments go to the CSSD department.

Another interesting machine, the Elmasonic S180, is perfect for cleaning flexible endoscope accessories.  A special two-layer basket is included in the machine for cleaning flexible endoscope accessories, allowing the user to clean two layers of instruments on top of each other. The Elmasonic S180 is specifically designed to clean flexible endoscope accessories that can be wired up. Built-in barriers of this device will prevent endoscope accessories from springing out or jumping out of the basket.

Last but not the least, this is the Elmasonic S300. The S300 has the dimensions of a normal dean basket. This feature allows the user to clean three dean baskets at the same time in one machine.

Table top units such as the Elmasonic S300 and Elmasonic S180, benefit the user because of easier installation and plug-and-play user-friendly capabilities. Simply plug the machine in, fill it with water and add the detergent or cleaning solution. These units are guaranteed easy to sell, easy to install and maintenance free. These benchtop units such as the S40, S60 and S70 are very attractive helpers in CCSDs and other dental or medical cabinets.


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