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Cleaning Manicure Tools and Pedicure Tools in Nail Spas

Regulations covering cleaning implements used in nail spas can often be met by first immersing manicure tools and pedicure tools in an ultrasonic cleaning bath to remove gross contaminants that may be picked up during clipping and filing then adhere to tool surfaces. These contaminants can cause mycobacterium and staph infections as well as fungal infections. Following ultrasonic cleaning tools are disinfected or sterilized before being stored for future use.

Why Ultrasonic Cleaning is an Important First Step

Based on accepted procedures used to clean dental and surgical instruments many states are now requiring nail spas to include ultrasonic cleaning as the first step in cleaning, then sanitizing or sterilizing their manicure and pedicure tools. That’s because the sonication that occurs in these cleaners safely and quickly removes adhering particles not easily dislodged by manual scrubbing. Manually cleaning these tools, by the way, risks chance of injury from points and sharp edges.

Setting up a 4-Step Ultrasonic Cleaning Procedure

Tabletop ultrasonic cleaners are compact, efficient and quickly accomplish pre-sterilizing nail spa implements. An example for a small-to-medium sized nail salon is the 2-quart capacity TOV80-2L unit equipped with a lid, heater, timer and basket. These cleaners are available in several sizes to accommodate larger manicure and pedicure salons.

A recommended cleaning solution concentrate is enzymatic MedClean C7 formulated for medical and surgical instruments and available in gallon containers. This dilutes to 1 to 3 ounces per gallon of water making it not only effective but also an economical choice. Recommended solution temperature is approximately 60?C. Here’s a suggested setup and operating procedure:

  1. Place your ultrasonic cleaner in proximity to an electrical outlet. Add water to the fill line and the correct amount of MedClean C7 based on the capacity of the tank.
  2. Turn on the ultrasonic unit for about 10 minutes to both mix the solution and drive off entrained air. This step must be taken each time you prepare a new solution. When you are ready to clean set the thermostat to 60?C.
  3. Arrange the implements in the basket and avoid, if possible, their contacting each other.
  4. Lower the basket into the solution making certain all surfaces are fully immersed. Set the timer for 10 minutes and activate the ultrasound.

Sonic cleaning involves the implosion of millions of microscopic bubbles on the surface of the instruments to blast away contaminants. At the end of the cycle remove the instruments. After rinsing they are ready for disinfecting or sterilizing.

Cleaning solutions should be replaced on a regular basis according to applicable regulations for nail salons. Rinse the tank with fresh water before preparing a new bath.

Call the iUltrasonic cleaning experts at 973-440-2191 for answers to your questions on equipment and procedures for cleaning manicure tools and pedicure tools.


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