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Animal House: Ultrasonic Cleaners in Veterinary Offices

Pet owners place a high priority on the health and well-being of their companion animals. These caring individuals put their trust in their veterinarians to keep their pets in excellent physical condition. In turn, these professionals place their trust in their equipment. The veterinarians and their assistants must keep their tools clean and well-maintained in order to treat their patients and satisfy their customers. Numerous veterinary offices and animal clinics trust in their ultrasonic cleaners to remove dirt and debris from these important and expensive instruments.

How an Ultrasonic Cleaner Works

Ultrasonic Cleaners in Veterinary Offices

An ultrasonic cleaner consists of two primary components: a set of transducers, which convert electrical energy into high frequency sound waves, and a stainless steel tub, which holds the instruments and the cleaning solution. The transducers generate sound waves well beyond the threshold of human hearing and agitate the cleaning solution. This agitation creates millions of tiny bubbles, which can penetrate into the narrow crevices and small holes in the instruments. When these bubbles implode, they release energy in a process known as “cavitation”. The cavitation effect blasts the particles off the instrument’s surface and leaves them in the solution.

Teeth Cleaning and Nail Clipping Equipment

Many domestic animals, especially dogs and cats, are susceptible to diseases of the mouth and nails. The equipment veterinarians and vet techs use to treat these areas must be kept clean to avoid cross-contamination. A major component in the cleaning routine for these instruments is an ultrasonic cleaning bath. The cleaning bath has been shown to be highly effective at removing biological contaminants such as tooth enamel, nail debris, saliva and blood.

Sterilization Equipment

One of the most common procedures conducted in a veterinary clinic is animal sterilization. The procedure is intended to reduce the population of stray animals and eliminate many of the issues that come with the pet's reproductive drives. The instruments used in the operation must be kept clean to avoid the risk of infection and ensure proper healing. The ultrasonic cleaner accomplishes this task by scouring the instruments of biological debris and preparing them for sterilization in an autoclave.

Surgical Instruments

In some cases, the animal may require surgery, either due to an emergency or from the advanced stages of disease. For clinics that also function as operating theaters, the need for veterinarians to keep their instruments in peak performing condition is essential, as the function of these tools is often to save the lives of the owner's beloved pets. The ultrasonic cleaning bath is an important part of the preparation routine for major surgical procedures, since it can clean the instruments without damaging the surfaces. This action ensures that the scalpels remain sharp, the forceps maintain their grip, and the other instruments perform as expected after a cleaning.

Features of Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaners, such as this ultra sonic cleaner, are equipped with a wide range of features that allow for a thorough cleaning of these important instruments. The automatic shut-off features powers down the machine after twelve hours of continuous use, which saves wear and tear on the tank and lowers energy costs. The “sweep frequency” feature makes slight variations in the ultrasonic frequency, which ensures uniform cleaning.

The importance of maintaining the instruments in a veterinary clinic should not be underestimated. The professional staff of the clinic, the owners that bring in their pets, and the animals themselves all rely on these tools. The ultrasonic cleaner has quickly become one of the most vital pieces of equipment in any animal clinic.

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