P60H Record Cleaning - Expert Kit

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Product Details

Collectors and audiophiles clean up to 12 records simultaneously with the P60H Record Cleaning - Expert Kit.

The system features:

  • Quick and easy vertical loading of records.
  • Lift mechanism to raise the records after cleaning for fast drying.
  • Advanced high-performance ultrasonic cleaner, made in Germany.

The P60H Record Cleaning - Expert Kit includes:

  • CleanerVinyl Pro
  • CleanerVinyl Lift-Pro
  • Elmasonic P60H ultrasonic cleaner (110V)

Components of Elmasonic P60H Record Cleaning Kits

CleanerVinyl Pro System is a versatile and configurable ultrasonic vinyl record cleaning solution for collectors and audiophiles. The system cleans up to 12 records per batch and features easy vertical loading through the removable Pro motor unit. 

The Elmasonic P60H ultrasonic cleaner is designed and manufactured in Germany to the highest quality specifications. This model operates at either 37 kHz or 80 kHz in Sweep frequency mode for uniform cleaning. The dual-frequency approach results in a more efficient clean: Low frequencies are better at removing coarse dirt or dust, while high frequencies can penetrate the smallest features in your record grooves and remove chemical contaminants more efficiently. The Elmasonic P60H combines both ranges for high-quality audiophile cleaning results.

CleanerVinyl Lift-Praccessory enables raising the records into a drying position for air drying with the integrated fan. This reduces 'sleeve-to-sleeve' time for up to 12 records to less than 35 min. The tank does not need to be drained for the drying process.

How does ultrasonic cleaning work and what fluid should I put in the tank?

Ultrasonic cleaning is different from classic record cleaning methods. It does not need much assistance from detergents and other fluid additives.

The ultrasonic cleaning process benefits from adding surface tension lowering substances to distilled water such as wetting agents like Ilford Ilfotol, Kodak Photo-Flo or Tergikleen. Just add a few drops until the records appear smoothly coated with water while they travel outside the fluid during a cleaning run. 

Adding a few percent of alcohol to distilled water has a similar effect, with the added benefit of aiding the removal of fatty residue such as fingerprints and similar. 

Ultrasonic cleaning gets the job done by the formation of vacuum-filled microscopic bubbles in the cleaning fluid. These bubbles grow through the energy distributed in the tank by the ultrasonic pressure waves that run through the cleaning tank. 

At a certain size the bubbles collapse and their energy is released as localized pressure waves. These pressure waves create a strong fluid flow lifting the dirt particles from the surface of the records. The fluid then transports the dirt away from the surface.

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