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PCB Cleaner

Easy Smartphone PCB Repair with Ultrasonic Cleaner and Rescue Kit

Clean & restore printed circuit boards from iPhones, Smartphones, tablets, PDAs, labtops, and desktop computers

  • Fast, safe cleaning without damaging delicate printed circuit board (PCB) components.
  • Everything you need in one convenient package.
  • Easily understood user guide quickly gets you on your way.
  • Water-based biodegradable cleaning solution has no toxic ingredients

Our ultrasonic solutions for circuit board repair provide the professional answer to remove dirt and other contaminants that get inside these delicate instruments as a part of normal use or abuse such as exposure to dirty water.

Large PCB Ultrasonic Cleaning Kits for Manufacturing and Repair

For cleaning computer circuit boards and other large PCBs

We also offer a range of larger kits for circuit board repair with ultrasonic cleaners that you can use for computer mother boards and similar PCBs. Large standard tanks and custom-built models for unusual board sizes are available. Contact us for information on all aspects of PCB cleaning and repair with ultrasonic cleaners.

Proven PCB Cleaning Technology

Our benchtop Sonic Phone Rescue kits employ the same ultrasonic cleaning procedures used in manufacturing cell phones, iPods and similar devices. The kits contain the correct ultrasonic cleaning solution concentrate for printed circuit boards, cases and other components, a bench top ultrasonic cleaner complete with lid and parts basket, the cleaner operating manual and a user guide to cleaning PCBs.

Cleaning is accomplished by a process called cavitation action – the implosion of microscopic bubbles in the cleaning solution. When bubbles contact PCB surfaces they quickly dislodge dirt and other contaminants embedded in circuit boards and other components in phones and PDAs.

Take a look at the detail pages on our kits for PCB repair with an ultrasonic cleaner. If you have questions or concerns please contact the professional staff at iUltrasonic. We also can help you select ultrasonic cleaning equipment for large-scale manufacturing and repairing printed circuit boards.

Questions? Contact our PCB Cleaning Professionals

We'll help you select the right PCB cleaning kit to get the highest productivity possible from your PCB cleaner kit investment.