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DIY Liposomal Vitamin C


liposomal-vitamin-c.jpgRecipes for DIY liposomal vitamin C are found on the web.  Common to all is the use of an ultrasonic bath to encapsulate ascorbic acid within liposomes to improve bioavailability of Vitamin C in the body.  We offer several ultrasonic kits ideal for your DIY liposome production.

Convenient Kits for Preparation in Beakers

Choose your liposomal vitamin C recipe then select the ultrasonic bath model best suited to the size of the batch.  Here are our popular kits for preparation of liposomal vitamins in glass beakers.  The beakers are suspended in an ultrasonic tank filled with water (plus a bit of detergent) and the ultrasonic energy penetrates the glass to treat the recipe.

Preparation Directly in the tank

Some recipes recommend preparing liposomal vitamin C directly in the ultrasonic tank.  If you use this method we suggest selecting a model without a drain or avoiding use of the drain on the tank since it may contaminate your formulation with chemical sealant. For more suitable ultrasonic baths in several different capacities, call or chat with us.