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Ultrasonic Dryer Guidelines

When parts emerge from an ultrasonic cleaning cycle chances are they are warm or even hot to the touch. This may be due to cleaning specifications calling for a high cleaning temperature, or because ultrasonic cavitation heats the solution over time.

Warm or hot freshly cleaned parts may flash dry. In many instances this is OK because cleaning residues will not adversely affect the performance of the parts. Residues are sourced to the cleaning solution remaining on cleaned parts as drag out. Tap water used to dilute cleaning solution concentrates also has dissolved minerals that remain on surfaces after evaporation. If these residues are unacceptable then the cleaning cycle should be followed by rinsing cycle(s) described in our post on ultrasonic rinsing. In such instances the parts may be cooled to the point that they should be dried.

Ultrasonic Dryer Options

There are many instances where thoroughly dried parts are required. An example is printed circuit boards. In such cases drying systems can be called for rather than relying on evaporation, simply because of lower temperatures in the rinse water. As another example complex-shaped parts could retain liquid in blind holes and other orifices.

A number of dryer options can be employed to accomplish these tasks.

For example, free standing hot air blowers resembling a hair dryer may be ideal for small parts. Models are available with extensions to guide the hot air stream where desired. Using the same principle tabletop models are used for parts such as watch and clock mechanisms and jewelry.

Elma Ultrasonic Cleaner

Elma Industrial Dryer

When large parts must be dried after cleaning and rinsing industrial-size cabinet dryers with electrically heated re-circulated hot air should be specified. For these requirements hot-air dryers, vacuum dryers or infrared dryers can be integrated or retrofitted into the cleaning system. Options include a top-loading design and a digital display for target and actual temperatures. The integrated temperature monitor controls the parts temperature during the drying cycle.

Contact the ultrasonic cleaning professionals at iultrasonic to learn all about ultrasonic cleaning systems and drying options.


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