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Ultrasonic Cleaners Help with Pharmaceutical Tablet Manufacturing

As the seasons turn and the air gets colder and drier, millions of people rely on over-the-counter medication to see them through the winter months. Pharmaceutical manufacturers also rely on their equipment to produce tablets for these medications. These tablets must be in a uniform shape, color and concentration in order to deliver the most effective dosages to patients, while maintaining product quality along the manufacturing process. An ultrasonic cleaner has been shown to be highly effective at cleaning and maintaining these delicate machines.

How an Ultrasonic Cleaner Works

An ultrasonic cleaner from contains a high frequency sound generator to go with specialized transducers affixed to the bottom of a stainless steel water tank. The generator and transducers combine to produce cyclical waves of contraction and expansion in a liquid soap solution at high velocities, typically ranging from 25 to 130 kHz. During the expansion phase of the cycle, millions of bubbles form and expand in the solution.

When the compression phase starts, the high pressure on the freshly expanded bubble causes an abrupt implosion. The implosion expels a large quantity of energy that quickly increases the local temperature. This effect produces a high-powered stream of liquid that strikes the surfaces of objects in the tank. Millions of these collisions knock loose the particles clinging to the surfaces, in effect freeing them from the surface at a microscopic level.

How a Tablet Punch Works

A feeding mechanism pours powdered compounds into a small die. A scraper pushes off any excess powder from the surface to form a column of powdered product. The punch on the underside of the column drops down to prevent spillage, then the upper punch comes down to compress the column into a tablet. The distance between the upper and lower punches determines the thickness of the tablet. When the pressing process is complete, a mechanical arm scoops the tablet away from the lower punch.

Why Clean a Tablet Punch?

Clean tabletting punches are essential for the production process to run smoothly and efficiently. For users who need to be secure in the fact that the equipment meets with quality criteria such as dimensional accuracy, surface quality, crush force and weight of each tablet, users can rely on ultrasonic cleaning as not just the most effective process, but as a method that has demonstrated its reliability for many years.

Why Use an Ultrasonic Cleaner?

Ultrasonic cleaners, such as this Elma Transonic, can remove residue from tabletting punches in a quick, thorough way while also handling the equipment in a gentle fashion. Unlike hand-cleaning operations, ultrasonic cleaners insure optimal cleanliness without needing harsh, mechanical preparative processes or finishing procedures. Ultrasonic cleaners typically require only about 3 to 5 minutes to complete most jobs, saving users time and money in the cleaning process.

The performance of tablet punches and dies determine the quality of the finished tablets. The effectiveness of the medications and the efficiency of the manufacturing process rely on the cleanliness of these parts. An ultrasonic cleaner can keep these parts functioning at their best.

For more information on finding an ultrasonic cleaner that meets your needs, contact the experts at iUltrasonic at 973-821-3406.


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