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Ultrasonic Cleaners for Lawn & Garden Centers

We at iUltrasonic are ready to bet that operators of lawn and garden centers view the end of winter and approach of spring with mixed emotions. Customers who neglected to winterize their power equipment the previous fall will soon be calling and wanting their tillers, mowers, garden tractors, weed eaters and other power equipment fixed right now. Responding in a timely manner to these demands is great for business and is facilitated when ultrasonic cleaners are part of lawn and garden centers’ repair shops.

What Makes an Ultrasonic Cleaner so Valuable?

Sonic cleaning is unsurpassed in terms of speed and thoroughness when it comes to removing dried grease, varnishes and other contaminants from gasoline engine carbs, fuel lines and other critical components. Complete dismantling of parts such as carburetors is not necessary so long as the sonic action accesses all surfaces. The speed and thoroughness translates quickly to increased throughput, more profit from the repair shop, and satisfied customers. In fact, a modest investment in a benchtop ultrasonic cleaner should soon pay for itself and eliminate forever the need to use ineffective aerosol sprays and solvent-based wash tanks, rags and brushes. A few minutes in a biodegradable ultrasonic cleaning bath is all it takes to restore engine parts to like new.

Ultrasonic Cleaners Sized to Suit Your Lawn Garden Shop

Whether you are the neighborhood handyman or operate a commercial lawn and garden repair facility you’ll find an ultrasonic cleaner sized to your needs. A popular model is the 40 kHz 5.3-gallon capacity TOV500-20L with a 12.5 x 11 x 10-inch deep tank. Other capacities are available; all TOV series come with a lid, stainless steel mesh basket and instruction manual.

The TOV500-20L ultrasonic cleaner is easy to operate. Features that increase the efficiency of your parts cleaning include

  1. Color-coded on and off buttons
  2. A heater to warm the solution to its recommended cleaning temperature.
  3. A digital timer display that shuts off the ultrasound at the end of the recommended cleaning period while you attend to other tasks.
  4. A drain to remove spent cleaning solution.

We recommend elma tec clean A4, an alkaline emulsifying universal ultrasonic degreaser for cleaning lawn and garden power equipment. Available in 2.5, 10 and 25 liter containers it is diluted to 2 to 5% with water to quickly remove grease, dirt, oil, dust particles, carbon, and soot from all engine parts that can be safely immersed in the cleaning solution. A suggested cleaning temperature is 70?C; cleaning time depends on the condition of the parts. If rusting is a concern ask us about adding 0.05 – 0.5% elma-KS to the bath for temporary corrosion protection.

Setting Up your Ultrasonic Cleaning System

As always we recommend reading the instruction manual.

Pre-Cleaning Procedures

Place the ultrasonic cleaner on a firm level workbench in proximity to a power outlet and sanitary drain, if feasible.

Add water to the tank until it is half full then the correct amount of cleaning solution concentrate for a full tank.  Continue adding water to the fill line.

Turn the unit on and let it operate without a load for about 5-10 minutes to mix the solution and drive off trapped air in a process called degassing.  Do this each time you prepare a fresh solution. To accommodate parts displacement drain off a portion of degassed solution and set it aside.

Remove gross contaminants from parts to help prolong solution life.

Place the parts in the mesh cleaning basket in such a way that they do not contact each other. Lower the basket into the tank and add additional cleaning solution until it reaches the fill line.

Cleaning Procedure

Set the thermostat to 70?C and turn the unit on. The heat light indicator shows that heating is active.

  1. Lower the basket into the heated cleaning solution, place the lid on the tank to conserve heat and reduce noise, and set the timer for 40 minutes. Cleaning time depends on the condition of the parts and can be adjusted either way. Periodically skim off and set aside residues that float to the top of the tank. The unit will power off when the timer is finished.
  2. At the end of the cycle remove the parts from the bath. If they need further cleaning run them through another cycle. To avoid tank damage when cleaning is completed turn off the unit if the solution level is significantly lowered.
  3. Some parts may require rinsing to remove cleaning solution residues. Then allow them to dry before reassembly.

When cleaning time extends it is time to replace the solution. Drain the tank and dispose of the spent solution and skimmed residues in a locally approved manner. Rinse the tank with fresh water then prepare and degas a new batch.

For additional help in selecting and operating an ultrasonic cleaning system for lawn and garden equipment call the iUltrasonic professionals at 973-440-2191.

An ultrasonic cleaner helps keep it running.


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