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Ultrasonic Carb Cleaning 101

iUltrasonic offers rugged ultrasonic cleaning equipment built to last. The simple to operate cleaning tanks are available with heaters, drains, and stainless steel parts baskets.

Ultrasonic Auto Parts Cleaner

An ultrasonic carburetor cleaner cleans even gummed up carburetors. Stop wasting time hand cleaning!

  • Fast and effective cleaning with no manual labor
  • Powerful enough to remove carbon deposits yet gentle on aluminum parts
  • Use water-based cleaning solutions, no toxic solvents
  • Ultrasonic parts cleaners remove dirt, oils, lubricants, carbon, and other types of grime that build up on engines and mechanical parts. Grooves, internal passageways, seals, and other hard to reach areas are cleaned easily, eliminating hours of disassembling and reassembling complex parts. Carburetors, pistons, cylinder heads, aluminum parts, and brake calipers are a few examples of components that are cleaned thoroughly with no manual scrubbing in an ultrasonic parts cleaning machine.

    Ultrasonic industrial parts washing is safe for the operator and the environment, with no need for toxic solvents.

    How does ultrasonic cleaning work? Specially designed transducers transform electric energy into mechanical vibrations. These are transmitted into the cleaning liquid, creating many tiny vacuum-filled bubbles which rapidly implode. This process, called cavitation, releases highly energetic jets of liquid which remove all kinds of contamination from metal, glass, and plastic surfaces. Every surface that comes in contact with the fluid is thoroughly cleaned.

    Popular applications for iUltrasonic equipment include ultrasonic carburetor cleaning, ultrasonic aircraft parts cleaning, ultrasonic exhaust manifold cleaning, ultrasonic crankshaft cleaning, and the list goes on.


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