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This is My Rifle and This is My Ultrasonic Cleaner

“I will keep my rifle clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready.” – Marine Corps Rifleman’s Creed

Oil, gunpowder and other substances could cause the weapon to jam or misfire. In earlier times, cleaning a pistol, rifle or other firearm was often a time-consuming chore. With so many moving parts, including the ejector, guide rails, and firing mechanism, cleaning a gun by hand was a tedious but necessary task.

The advent of the ultrasonic gun cleaner has removed much of the hard work in maintaining a weapon for groups who depend on firearms for their sport, for their careers, and for the security of the nation.


Whether they hunt for sport, for relaxation or for meat, hunters rely on their weapons to bring down their prized game. Many hunters and game guides use ultrasonic cleaners as part of their gun maintenance routine. Ultrasonic cleaners come in a wide range of sizes, from those equipped to handle small pistols to those with tanks big enough to hold long hunting rifles.

Target Shooters

Recreational shooters can range from young people handling their first weapon to Olympic-level athletes training for top-flight competition. While they all rely on their sharp eyes and steady hands to hit their targets, they also need the best tools in the best condition to succeed. Ultrasonic cleaners remove nearly all of the dirt, residue and other contaminants that can affect a weapon’s efficiency and accuracy.

Gun Range Operators

Owners, instructors and staff members at target shooting ranges and gun clubs around the country handle a wide range of weapons. These sites provide handgun training, self-defense courses and a safe environment for target practice, as well as gun rentals for visitors and members. With so many weapons on hand, workers must handle gun-cleaning chores on a daily basis. Ultrasonic cleaners reduce much of the time and effort from these jobs.

Law Enforcement

Police officers, sheriff’s deputies and other law enforcement agencies rely on their firearms to protect themselves and the people in their jurisdiction. A weapon is not just a tool for these brave men and women; its functionality can mean the difference between life and death. The importance of keeping their weapons in top working order cannot be underestimated. As a part of their weapons cleaning process, the ultrasonic cleaner is much faster and much more effective than hand-cleaning each component.

SWAT Teams

“When the public needs help they call the police. When the police need help they call SWAT.” As the name implies, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams depend on different grades of firearms than most law enforcement officers. These weapons can range from standard handguns all the way to semi-automatic weapons. SWAT teams in Miami, Philadelphia and Scottsdale, Arizona, all use ultrasonic cleaners to maintain their weapons.

US Armed Forces

Military personnel must deal with keeping their weapons clean in a wide variety of hostile environments. Desert sand, jungle humidity and arctic cold can damage a weapon and limit a serviceman’s capability in battle. Every armed service, as well as the National Guard in most states, uses ultrasonic cleaners to keep weapons “clean and ready”.


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