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Selecting Cleaning Solutions

How to Select an Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution

Select mildly acidic elma tec clean S1 to:

• Remove corrosion, oxide layers, rust, minerals from hard water, and lime
• Remove grease, polishing media, mineral grease, and oil
• Clean and passivate non-ferrous and light metals, stainless steel, glass and plastics
• Brighten brass and copper

Select mildly alkaline elma tec clean A1 for:

• Removing light polishing suspensions, grease, oil, activated flux residues, dust and fingerprints
• Precision cleaning electronics, electromechanical assemblies, PCBs
• Fine cleaning glass and ceramic substrates, optical assemblies
• Cleaning and brightening faded plastic casings

Select universal degreaser elma tec clean A4 to:

• Remove oil, grease, combustion residues, soot and other organic contaminants
• Clean metal, glass, ceramics, plastic and rubber
• Remove cutting and machining coolants and residues
• Clean carburetors, injection nozzles, toner cassettes

Specialized Ultrasonic Cleaner Solutions

Select JewelryClean S8 Jewelry Cleaning Solution for: • Safely cleaning platinum, gold, silver and gems
• Removing dirt, grease, buffing compounds, rouge, tripoli and oxides
• Restoring heirloom jewelry

Select MedClean C7 for Medical Instruments to:

• Clean medical, dental and surgical instruments before sterilizing or disinfecting
• Remove contaminants including blood, tissue, ointments, light oils, and bodily excretions
• Use in barbershop, beauty salon, nail salon and tattoo parlor ultrasonic cleaners

Select GunClean L6 Gun Cleaning Solution for:

• Guns, pistols and other firearm cleaning
• Removing old lubricants, firing residues, lead shavings and similar contaminants
• A preparation for post-cleaning lubrication

GunLube L5 Ultrasonic Gun Lubricating Solution

• A must for post ultrasonic firearm cleaning water removal
• Penetrates all surfaces and leaves a dry lubricating film
• Protects investments in present and historic firearms

Please check out our ultrasonic cleaning solutions online and review the detailed information including dilution recommendations and operating suggestions. Contact us to discuss your ultrasonic cleaning challenges and for recommendations on ultrasonic cleaners.


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