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Save 10% on Ultrasonic Carb Cleaning Kits for Motorcycles

Bikers who do their own engine maintenanceand bike shops spending too much time cleaning motorcycle carburetors can cut carb cleaning time by using an ultrasonic cleaner.

Getting gear in shape for spring and summer bike rallies, poker runs and cruising is faster and easier thanks to the iUltrasonic carb cleaning kit now available at a 10% discount off the online posted price of $495.45.

The kit contains everything needed to sonically clean all bike engine carb components:

elma tec A4 cleaner

a powerful 40 kHz ¾ gallon capacity ultrasonic cleaner with timer and heater

an ultrasonic cleaner operating manual

2.5 liters of biodegradable carb cleaning concentrate that dilutes to make 15 gallons of cleaning solution

a step-by-step user guide on carburetor cleaning.

Spray- and Solvent-Free Ultrasonic Carb Cleaning

Anyone using wash tanks, brushes, sprays, and solvent-soaked rags is all too familiar with the time, aggravation, unpleasant fumes and disposal challenges associated with manually cleaning motorcycle carburetors. The same holds true for cleaning drive chains, sprockets and similar parts exposed to internal and external contaminants. That is because parts configuration makes it virtually impossible to reach all surfaces by manual methods.

Instead, ultrasonic cavitation in a biodegradable ultrasonic cleaning solution quickly loosens and carries away all contaminants from the surfaces of immersed parts. The process is simple and takes approximately 40 or fewer minutes, depending on parts condition.

Five Fast Steps to Carb Cleaning

Complete instructions are in the user guide, but here’s a brief:

  1. Fill the tank with water and add the correct amount of cleaning solution concentrate (2/3 cup for the ¾-gallon capacity unit). Turn on the unit to mix the solution and drive off trapped air. When you are ready to clean
  2. Set the cleaner thermostat to 70?C and turn the unit on. While the solution warms place the carburetor in the mesh cleaning basket.
  3. Lower the basket into the cleaning solution, place the lid on the tank, and set the timer for 40 minutes. Cleaning time depends on the condition of the parts and can be adjusted either way.
  4. At the end of the cycle remove the component(s) from the bath. If they need further cleaning run them through another cycle..
  5. When satisfied rinse parts in fresh water to remove all traces of the cleaning solution then allow them to dry before reassembly.

How to Get More Use from the Carb Cleaning Kit

In addition to removing oil, grease, burnt residues and corrosion products from carburetors and other engine parts, applications include optical brightening of aluminum and steel parts, cleaning chains and sprockets, and other engine and braking components that are not chromium plated.The kit works equally well for other power equipment carburetors such as lawnmowers, chain saws, and rototillers.

Ultrasonic cleaning keeps it running right

Questions? Call the iUltrasonic cleaning experts at 973-440-2191 to for answers and for suggestions on selecting the right sized equipment and cleaning solution chemistries to meet your requirements


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