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Restoring Your Liquid-Damaged Computer Hard Drive with Ultrasonic Cleaning

A hard drive plays a vital role in a computer system, storing and retrieving digital information. It is critical that such a device should be well-maintained since this is where essential data and sometimes confidential files are stored. When an unexpected incident happens, like accidental water spillage on a laptop or flooding in a work office, hard disk drives are among the first to be rescued and recovered.

ecovering data from liquid damaged hard drives entails a meticulous and careful procedure to ensure that no data is corrupted or deleted. Firstly, the hard drive is removed from the CPU or laptop and the printed circuit board is taken out. Traditionally, some individuals use an air compressed source to blow off loose dirt and dust that accumulated inside the computer system. For further cleaning, cotton swabs are moistened with rubbing alcohol to wipe away the residue on the circuit board's surface. Though this is a simple method, it does not clean inside the PCB’s crevices and there is a chance that manual cleaning can damage the wires or connecting leads.

Ultrasonic cleaning provides a more thorough and safer cleaning of the PCB, surpassing the traditional method. After the PCB is taken out, it is immersed in an ultrasonic bath containing an ultrasonic cleaning solution that is safe for cleaning electronic components. Ultrasonic cleaning uses a technology wherein micro cavitation bubbles are produced. These bubbles delicately implode on the PCB and clean its surface thoroughly. The procedure leaves no trace of water damage, as all the tiny crevices and internal components are intensively cleaned without damaging the board.

Ultrasonic cleaning works perfectly with circuit boards as it provides thorough cleaning for sensitive surfaces of the hard disk component. Quality cleaning is achieved faster with a lesser labor cost. iUltrasonic offers PCB ultrasonic kits specifically designed by our pool of ultrasonic experts for hassle-free circuit board cleaning. Browse through available sets of printed circuit board ultrasonic cleaners and solutions at


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