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Restore Your Invert Mini Paintball Gun The Ultrasonic Way

The Invert Mini is a small but high-performing battery-operated paintball gun. This lightweight gaming firearm is packed with several firing modes like Ramping, PSP and NPPL to perform different functions. This model is also uncomplicated to field strip making cleaning procedures hassle-free. To benefit from this, an ultrasonic cleaner can support you in obtaining consistent quality performance from your Invert Mini paintball gun by thoroughly cleaning both the internal components and external surface of your firearm.

After a weekend paintball field competition serious paintball shooters will take the time to thoroughly clean their weapon. Although there are plenty of paintball gun cleaning kits out there, only an ultrasonic cleaner can be trusted to completely remove dirt, grit, grime, excess paint from broken balls and other harmful deposits that if not taken care of can quickly imperil the performance of an Invert Mini paintball gun.

Ultrasonic cleaners, in fact, are used by hunters, target shooters, law enforcement agencies and the military to thoroughly clean weapons on a regular basis. Retailers, repair services and shooting clubs employ the technology realizing that the importance of a clean rifle or pistol, whether for paintball shooting or cartridge shooting, increases with the size of the investment.

Here we’ll take a look on how to employ ultrasonic cleaning for the Invert Mini paintball gun. We’ll cover:

Here you will learn:

  • How an ultrasonic paintball gun cleaner works
  • Selecting and setting up your ultrasonic cleaner for the Invert Mini paintball gun
  • Disassembly, cleaning and reassembly of the Invert Mini paintball gun

How an Ultrasonic Paintball Gun Cleaner Works

Ultrasonic cleaners can be purchased in a variety of cleaning tank sizes, some ideal for paintball pistols and others for the larger components of paintball rifles. The ultrasonic cleaning process replaces sprays and swabs with what is called cavitation action. This is described as the violent implosion of millions of microscopic bubbles in the biodegradable ultrasonic cleaning solution. Unlike spotty results from manual cleaning operations, these bubbles can access any surface of a paintball gun immersed in the solution and safely blast away all contaminants.

The bubbles are created by transducers bonded to the tank and excited by a generator to frequencies typically ranging from 25 kHz to 130 kHz (thousands of cycles per second). A good frequency range for cleaning paintball guns is between 37 and 42 kHz.

Selecting and setting up an ultrasonic cleaner for an Invert Mini paintball gun

Ultrasonic paintball gun cleaners are priced by cleaning tank capacity and the features offered. For example, the 37 kHz, 1.5 gallon capacity ultrasonic washer complete with basket, heater, timer, drain, and “Sweep” function can be purchased for under $850.00. The latter function creates a slight fluctuation in ultrasonic frequency to avoid what is called a standing wave of relatively high and low ultrasonic energy that could cause uneven cleaning.

After placing the ultrasonic paintball gun cleaner on the workbench take these steps before you start cleaning:

  1. Prepare a biodegradable ultrasonic cleaner solution such as elma tec clean A4 diluted to 2% to 5% with water. This is a universal cleaner for surfaces made of metal, glass, ceramics, plastics and rubber to remove oil, grease, and other organic contamination and dust. Pour it into the ultrasonic tank until it is about 2/3 full, or to the fill line.
  2. Turn the ultrasonic cleaner on and set the thermostat to approximately 65?C. Let it operate without a load until air bubbles no longer rise to the surface. Entrapped air in the solution degrades the cavitation action and must be removed each time you prepare new cleaning solution.

Disassembly, cleaning and reassembly of the Invert Mini paintball gun

Step 1: Disassembling the Invert Mini paintball gun

CLEANING TIP: To get the most out of the cleaning process, pre-clean your marker by wiping off mud and other dirt that can be easily removed.

Begin taking apart your firearm by removing the barrel. Turn the barrel counter clockwise to remove it. Do the same thing to remove the Ion tube on top of your gun. Unfasten the two big screws found on each side of the main body using a screw pin. Note that this component has a detachable bullet and spring design. Be careful in removing the part since it is small.

Release the fore grip from the assembly by taking away the screws on the trigger guard that hold it in place. To remove the battery inside the fore grip, open the fore grip by unfastening the screw underneath it. You may now remove the screws that hold the electrical board in place. Do not pull on the wires to separate them from the board. Instead, pull on the connections to undo the attachment.

Remove the screws that fasten the grip panels to the grip. Detach the grip frame by unfastening the grip frame screws. One screw can be found near the trigger guide while the other is in the rear portion of your firearm. Slide the grip frame down carefully as you bring it away from the main frame.

Push the trigger pin out from one side of the gun to another in order to get the trigger loose. Next, unscrew the bottom volume chamber. You can find this attached to the regulator inside the grip frame. Slightly unfasten the two screws found above the grip frame to allow it to slide off the main assembly. Lift the O-ring placed inside the regulator to take off the connectors.

Going back to the main body of your Invert Mini paintball gun, loosen the gas transfer tool and the valve beside it. Pull the connector to detach the wires connected to the valve. Insert your finger through the hole to push the bolt, its guide and the bolt spring. Now, you may unfasten the seven screws that tightly cover the body and the sensor board for protection. Deposit the board in a dry and clean place before proceeding with the cleaning process.

Voila! Your Invert Mini paintball gun has been successfully disassembled. Its parts are now ready to be cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner.

Step 2: Cleaning the components

Set the ultrasonic cleaner thermostat to 65°C. While the solution is heating, place your paintball gun components into the mesh cleaning basket taking care that they do not touch each other.

When the operating temperature is reached lower the basket into the cleaning solution and set the timer for 20 minutes. Make sure there are no trapped air pockets inside the parts. Begin the cleaning. Cleaning time depends on the condition of the components. With practice you’ll have the process down pat.

At the end of the cycle remove the components from the bath. If they do not appear to be clean change the orientation of the parts in the basket and continue cleaning until the cleaning is complete. Do not reach into an operating ultrasonic bath. Instead remove the basket for inspections.

Rinse the components with water and dry them with warm air. Lightly lubricate the internal parts including o-rings with paint gun oil before reassembly.

Step 3: Reassembling the Invert Mini paintball gun

After the cleaning process with an ultrasonic cleaner, put your gaming firearm back in its original arrangement by building the main body first. Begin by returning the sensor board in place. Next, use the cover plate to secure the board. Firmly seal this cover using the seven screws that were removed earlier. Once locked in place, you may now insert the bolt assembly inside the body.

Cleaning tip! Be mindful of the small parts that can be misplaced. Any change in position or any misalignment may result to a change in the performance of your gun.

Now, return the valves screwed on your firearm’s body. Attach the removed wires by carefully returning their connectors on the main frame. Set this assembly aside and focus on the grip frame.

To build the frame, place the trigger in its proper position. Lock it in place by inserting the trigger pin on one side. Make sure it gets across correctly to secure the trigger in position. Before clasping the regulator to the grip, make sure that the connector is properly placed and fastened with an O Ring. Connect the O Ring to the bottom part of the grip frame. Tighten the screws that were slightly lifted earlier to hold the regulator in place. Next screw in the bottom volume chamber inside the grip frame.

To attach the main body and the grip frame, insert the main frame’s valves into the grip frame. Hold them together by reinstalling the screw in front of the trigger guide and the screw found in the rear side of your Invert Mini. Fasten the grip covers with screws.

Focus on your fore grip and insert the electrical board. Fix it in place using the appropriate screws. Insert the battery in its proper position. Close the fore grip with its cover plate and attach it to the main assembly beside the trigger guide. Again, make sure that you are using the appropriate screws. Refasten the barrel and the Ion tube in their respective places to complete the rebuilding process.

Congratulations! You have just reassembled your “brand new” Invert Mini paintball gun.

More Operating Tips

Competition paintball can dirty up your Invert Mini. Oils, paint residue and other contaminants that rise to the surface during operation of the bath should be skimmed off and disposed of properly. As the cleaning solution becomes discolored or cleaning time takes longer it is time to replace it. Drain the tank and dispose of the spent solution according to local regulations. Take the time to remove sludge that settled to the bottom of the tank. Clean the tank using a cleaning process recommended by the manufacturer.

Questions: Contact the iUltrasonic ultrasonic cleaning experts at 973 821-3406

Disclaimer: This advice is not provided by a licensed gunsmith. Follow at your own risk. We assume no liability for any damages caused by following the advice in this article.


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