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Prepping Snowmobiles for the Winter with Ultrasonic Cleaning

For the majority of the year, snowmobiles are tucked away in garages and are only brought back out when there is heavy snow fall. As another winter season approaches, it is important to recondition the snowmobile as all the grease and gas left in the machine from last winter can no longer be used. Using the same gas from last winter poses safety risks due to fuel build-up in the carburetor and prevents a smooth ride on the snowmobile. Before a snowmobile is fired up again after another year, it is important to thoroughly clean the carburetor and fuel system.

Over time, the carburetor accumulates fuel deposits and fuel injectors get clogged due to moisture and engine gunk. Dirty carbs and fuel injectors may cause drivability and emission problems, resulting in poor and lackluster engine performance. Although brushing and scrubbing can clean a carburetor’s surface, there is only so much that carb spray cleaners and solutions can reach, and often the intricacies of the carb are not cleaned thoroughly. 

Ultrasonic cleaning provides unparalleled cleaning performance for carburetors and fuel injectors. Using a micro cavitation process, once the carb is immersed in the cleaning solution, dirt and contaminants are “scrubbed” off the carburetor and fuel injector’s nooks and crannies. The cavitation process produces thousands of microscopic bubbles that implode on the surface of the immersed surface and allow for easier penetration into crevices, cleaning the snowmobile’s carb. These ultrasonic bubbles polish the surface leaving automotive parts thoroughly cleaned and residue-free, from the inside out. 

There are available ultrasonic kits that are specifically assembled to provide easy carburetor and fuel injector cleaning. iUltrasonic offers specialized ultrasonic cleaning kits, complete with ultrasonic bath, solution and accessories. These kits are put together by our pool of experts to ensure that complete and efficient cleaning is achieved. Browse through iUltrasonic’s full line of ultrasonic kits for snowmobile carburetors and other automotive components at


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