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​Powerful New 25/45 kHz Elma xtra ST Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners Available at

New ultrasonic cleaners feature dynamic sweep/pulse mode for enhanced cleaning action

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment distributor announces the availability of the powerful new Elmasonic xtra ST line of dual-frequency 25/45 kHz industrial ultrasonic cleaners in 7 stainless steel tank capacities from 8 to 67 gallons. These rugged wheel-mounted ultrasonic cleaner units feature a sweep mode for uniform distribution of cleaning energy, a user-activated pulse mode for a 20% increase in cleaning performance, and a dynamic sweep/pulse function for enhanced cleaning action.

The new Elma xtra ST ultrasonic cleaner line is perfectly positioned to replace spray and solvent cleaning operations across a broad range of industrial cleaning requirements. Typical applications range from removing stubborn contaminants such as lapping compounds, heavy grease and oil buildup at 25 kHz to the more gentle 45 kHz ultrasonic frequency for fine cleaning of parts with complex shapes such as electronics and medical devices.

Elma xtra ST splash protected control panels enable operators to establish programmed routines for common cleaning tasks. Easily set operational features include frequency, cleaning time and temperature. Set and actual values are clearly displayed. The cleaning cycle begins on command or when the set solution temperature is reached. Auto shut-off is activated after 12 hours of continuous operation or if the solution temperature reaches 90⁰C. The control panel and generator module assembly is easily removed for switch-out and servicing.

The robust xtra ST welded stainless steel ultrasonic cleaner tanks carry a 3-year warranty for single-shift operations. All units feature stainless steel housings, sloping tank bottoms leading to side-mounted ball valves for solution draining, basket positioning for cleaning and draining, and are shipped with a complete set of operating instructions. Accessories include stainless steel covers or hinged noise-suppression covers, baskets and specially designed product carriers. Biodegradable ultrasonic cleaning solution concentrates are available from to handle a broad range of cleaning challenges.

For more information, call iUltrasonic at 973.440.2191.


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