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notes on the ultrasonic cleaner basket

Ultrasonic cleaner basket size must not be overlooked when you specify internal dimensions of the ultrasonic cleaning tank based on the size of parts being cleaned. The reason is simple:basket dimensions are slightly less than tank internal dimensions. As an example the tank of the 7.5 gallon capacity Elmasonic EH750EL cleaner is 19.9 x 11.8 x 7.9 inches deep. But the inside dimensions of the basket are 17.9 x 9.8 x 4.5 inches deep.

A second consideration is what is called working depth. It is defined as the distance between the bottom of the basket and the surface of the cleaning solution. To be effectively cleaned all parts must be fully immersed. In the case of the EH750EL described above, the working depth is about 5.5 inches.

Note that the cleaning solution level in the tank should reach and not exceed the tank fill line. Take into account solution displacement when parts are immersed. It may be necessary to drain off and set aside excess solution.

Why you need an Ultrasonic Cleaner Parts Basket

A major function of the basket is keeping parts from contacting the tank bottom. The transducers bonded to the underside of the tank vibrate at ultrasonic frequencies causing the tank bottom to vibrate. Parts in contact with this vibrating surface can produce abrasion and over time leaks may develop. Parts resting on the tank bottom may also suppress sonic vibration, reducing cleaning efficiency. In contrast, baskets position parts an ideal distance from the tank bottom to maximize the efficiency of ultrasonic cleaning action.

For best cleaning results baskets should not be overloaded. Cleaning efficiency suffers from crowding and parts vibrating against each other may damage surfaces. It’s better to increase the number of batches than to try to get it all done at once.

An important point to keep in mind is the weight-carrying capability of stainless steel mesh baskets. Large or heavy parts may require you to suspend them in the cleaning solution using an overhead support, taking care that they do not contact the tank bottom or sides. Tanks in some industrial ultrasonic cleaners have internal racks to hold large or heavy parts.

Other Basket Selection Criteria

Basket mesh size should be as open as practical based on the types of parts being cleaned and their weight. Small parts such as bolts and screws can be placed in baskets made of wire screening either suspended in the solution or placed in conventional baskets. If you are cleaning parts that could be scratched or damaged by vibrating against stainless steel during the cleaning cycle consider a plastic basket, a plastic insert or a metal basket with plastic coated mesh.

For more information on selecting baskets contact the iUltrasonic cleaning professionals at 973-440-2191


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