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Clean Metal Parts During Manufacture, Repair or Maintenance

An ultrasonic parts degreaser cleans more effectively than other types of industrial cleaning equipment. Cavitation, the collapse of millions of tiny bubbles created by ultrasonic vibrations, releases high energy and enormous cleaning power. This power dislodges hard to remove insoluble contaminants and grease from the surface of parts and reaches the smallest blind holes, threads, cavities, and crevices which are normally inaccessible to other cleaning methods.

Ultrasonic Industrial Parts Cleaner

Ultrasonic parts cleaners take the effort out of cleaning.

  • Ultrasonic cleaning is thorough and fast
  • Reduces labor, increases throughput
  • Cleans crevices, threads, blind holes
  • Ultrasonic degreasing uses environmentally safe fluids

Manufacturing processes use ultrasonic parts finishing to remove cutting fluid, polishing pastes, oil, loose burrs, and lapping abrasives from machined or fabricated parts. High throughput manufacturing makes use of ultrasonic batch processing with manual, semi-automated, or fully automated cleaning lines (click here for more information). Repair and maintenance shops clean machinery, equipment and tools with ultrasonic cleaners avoiding labor-intensive manual scrubbing and washing with toxic solvents. Parts are readily degreased and cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners with environmentally safe water-based cleaning fluids.

Ultrasonic metal finishing aggressively removes solid materials from metal surfaces without damage. An absolutely clean substrate is critical for electroplating, electrophoretic coating, or powdercoating. Whether applying organic coatings or metal deposits, a high quality finished product can be ensured by ultrasonic pre-treatment cleaning.

iUltrasonic bench top ultrasonic cleaners are designed for every type of industrial ultrasonic cleaning. Our product lines include cleaners for occasional use as well as heavy duty equipment for continuous round-the-clock cleaning. Features, depending on the specific model, include timer, heater, drain, parts basket, cover, and a broad range of tank sizes.


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