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Classic Car Restoration Simplified with Engine Cleaning Kit

Professionals or owners who restore or maintain classic cars, muscle cars and/or performance cars have an appreciation of how much time it takes to remove performance-inhibiting deposits and contaminants from the many  components that together constitute a vehicle engine.

That time consuming and burdensome classic car restoration task is significantly simplified with an ultrasonic engine cleaning kit that
reduces manual scrubbing hours in a solvent wash tank to hands-free minutes with an ultrasonic engine cleaning kit.

What makes ultrasonic engine cleaning so thorough and fast is the “magic” of cavitation action – the implosion of millions of minute air bubbles in a biodegradable ultrasonic cleaning solution.   The cavitation bubbles are created by generator-powered ultrasonic transducers bonded to the cleaning solution tank walls.  As bubbles contact contaminated engine parts they implode with a violent force to blast away and remove grease, grime, varnishes and other contaminants without damaging surfaces – including surfaces impossible to reach by brushing.

From Grime to Clean in 10-15 minutes

To introduce auto engine restoration shops and classic car enthusiasts to the time and labor-saving benefits of ultrasonic engine cleaning, iUltrasonic has assembled a sonic grease buster engine cleaning kit containing everything needed to transform dirty engine parts to “like new” in 10-15 minutes.  (Cleaning time will vary depending on the condition of the parts.)   This kit is offered at a limited time introductory price of $939, which is $77 lower than iUltrasonic’s already low pricing.

You get:

  • a powerful 37kHz Elmasonic EH150EL ultrasonic cleaner equipped with a heater, timer, basket,  and  lid, and an automatic sweep function for uniform cleaning action
  • 2.5 liters of elma tec A4 biodegradable cleaning solution concentrate that makes approximately 15 gallons of cleaning solution
  • easy-to-follow engine parts cleaning instructions
  • a 2-year parts and labor warranty

Call the iUltrasonic cleaning professionals for more information on this offer or for answers to you questions about the advantages of ultrasonic cleaning.


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