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Cleaning Solutions for Old Clocks

Collectors who clean their own old clocks or provide a service for owners of vintage clocks may find an investment in a benchtop ultrasonic cleaner to be a great time saver (no pun intended). Ultrasonic cleaners are available in a variety of sizes suitable for both hobbyists and owners of antique clock repair services. The [...]

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How to Sonically Clean Brass Shell Casings

There are a variety of ways to clean brass shell casings for reloading and reuse, but in our opinion sonically cleaning them in a biodegradable ultrasonic cleaning solution is the best.  That’s because of its speed and thoroughness in removing powder residues, firing chamber residues, oxides and other contaminants on all interior and exterior surfaces [...]

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Classic Car Restoration Simplified with Engine Cleaning Kit

Professionals or owners who restore or maintain classic cars, muscle cars and/or performance cars have an appreciation of how much time it takes to remove performance-inhibiting deposits and contaminants from the many  components that together constitute a vehicle engine.That time consuming and burdensome classic car restoration task is significantly simplified with an ultrasonic engine cleaning [...]

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Advances in Ultrasonic Technology for the Electronics Industry

If you regularly clean electronic parts, an ultrasonic electronics cleaner is the best tool for the job. The common concern is that ultrasonic cleaners will destroy delicate components. However, advances in ultrasonic technology have eased this concern by replacing the single frequency wavelength approach—known to harm electronic parts—with a variable frequency approach, called “sweeping.” This [...]

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Rinsing Options

Rinsing parts after an ultrasonic cleaning cycle can be an extremely critical operation. There are many industries where cleaning procedures specify more than one rinse cycle and may also include ultrasonic rinsing in order to meet strict cleanliness standards. In such cases distilled water and deionized (DI) water are often used as ultrasonic cleaning rinsing options [...]

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Ultrasonic Cleaning with Corrosive Acidic Solutions

Quality ultrasonic cleaning tanks are fabricated of cavitation-resistant stainless steel and are compatible with a broad range of water based cleaning solutions. But there are limitations to the types of aqueous chemistries that can be safely used when ultrasonic cleaning with acidic solutions. Specifically, aqueous cleaning media with pH values in the acid range (pH <7) should [...]

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Procedures for Sensitive Surfaces

Care must be taken when developing ultrasonic cleaning procedures on sensitive surfaces to remove processing contaminants such as solder fluxes, polishing media, or to prepare parts for further finishing operations such as anodizing, plating or painting. Sensitive surfaces, in these instances, are surfaces that can be damaged due to low ultrasonic frequencies, excessive ultrasonic power or [...]

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How to Quickly Clean Personal Watercraft Carburetors

A benchtop ultrasonic cleaner is a wise investment for operators of personal watercraft sales and service organizations to quickly and thoroughly clean carburetors and remove gum deposits caused by storage without adding a gasoline stabilizer to the fuel in the tank. Sonic action in an ultrasonic cleaner is far superior to manually scrubbing and soaking in [...]

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Ultrasonic Equipment for Sample Preparation

Content uniformity and potency assay tests for active pharmaceutical ingredients contained in drug products are performed when the API is removed or isolated from its carrier, called the excipient.The objective is total extraction of the analyte so that an accurate quantitative analysis can be carried out. Depending on the sample, sample prep can involve dissolving, [...]

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Tips for Avoiding Parts Damage

The broad acceptance of ultrasonic cleaning is due to its proven ability to safely and quickly remove contaminants from products ranging from engine blocks to surgical implants. But safely using sonic energy requires an awareness of the process and the many points to consider when establishing your cleaning procedures. That’s because improper cleaning procedures can [...]

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