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5 Moves to Avoid When Using an Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaners have evolved from a fanciful high-tech cleaning device to a staple of arenas ranging from auto maintenance to jewelry stores to firearm dealers. The technology found in these devices enables users to reduce the time and effort involved in intricate cleaning chores, while still delivering a thorough cleaning, even within narrow crevices and tiny indentations. However, some users may occasionally attempt to use these instruments in ways in which they were not intended.

#5 Do not leave an ultrasonic cleaner running when not in use.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Safety

The operation of an ultrasonic cleaner with a reduced volume of liquid can cause serious damage to the machine. The uninterrupted running increases the risk of lowering the levels of cleaning solution through evaporation, particularly when the tank is heated. A good habit to follow would be to turn off the unit when not in use, as well as to watch the solution level when in use. These actions will allow the ultrasonic cleaner to function at peak efficiency for many years to come.

#4 Do not place items on the bottom of the tank.

Items designated for an ultrasonic cleaning session should never be placed directly on the tank bottom. The transducers (which convert electricity into high frequency sound) are attached to the bottom of the tank. Items sitting on the tank bottom can harm the transducers and cut down on the cavitation effect, which creates the microscopic bubbles that clean the surfaces. Metal items can act like drills on the surface of the tank and over time can create pinholes in the vibrating stainless steel, reducing the lifetime of the tank. In addition, a tray or basket will place the item inside the optimal cleaning area within the tank. The tray or basket will also keep items together and provide simple removal of the items from the tank.

#3 Do not allow the cleaning solution to fall below the recommended level.

The level of cleaning solution should always be kept at the marker inside the tank, with trays or baskets included. The wrong solution level will change the sound wave dynamics in the tank, reduce its effectiveness, and possibly damage the unit. The ultrasonic cleaner is tuned to operate optimally when about ¾ full. Keeping the solution at the correct level protects the unit's heaters and transducers from unneeded stress.

#2 Do not use abrasive or strongly acidic cleaning fluids in the ultrasonic cleaning bath.

Any abrasive or scouring agent can also wear at the walls of the tank. This wear and tear can cause pinholes in the tank and consequent damage to the electronics. Cleaning solutions with mineral acids or a high acid concentration can also cause pinholes. If the need arises for an acidic solution, the items should be placed in a special acid-resistant container with the cleaning solution. The container with the acidic solution and the items should then be placed into the ultrasonic cleaning tank filled with water.

#1 Do not use flammable cleaning fluids in standard ultrasonic cleaners.

Use of flammable solvents such as ketones, alcohols, and hydrocarbons in a standard ultrasonic tank poses a serious explosion hazard. The ultrasonic cleaner includes a high power generator which should never be exposed to flammable vapors or liquids. Such solvents may be used in specialized ultrasonic cleaners specifically designed to be explosion proof. Also, any area where flammable solvents are to be used in an ultrasonic cleaning bath should have adequate ventilation to prevent the accumulation of dangerous vapors.

Ultrasonic cleaners from iUltrasonic have provided users with the means to clean many materials in a fraction of the time of hand-tool methods. Just as most people understand not to place a powered-up hair dryer in a full bathtub, users of ultrasonic cleaners should understand what actions to avoid for safe and optimal cleaning performance.

For more information on finding an ultrasonic cleaner that meets your needs, contact the experts at iUltrasonic at 973-821-3406.


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